The Stream of Life – Response to the Peal S. Buck

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EssayModern society creates many problems for people try to raise a good, wholesome child. There is murder, theft, disease, violence, corruption, crime, etc. Almost all parents want to try and discourage their children from following the examples of society. The problem is, it is almost impossible to do. One cannot shun their children away from the real world. Moreover, no one can expect their children to grow up in the image of the parents. This is what is shown in “My Neighbor’s Son”. A child who following the examples of society. He is rebellious and care free, or at least upon a first impression.The influence that society has on people is amazing in the twentieth century. There are no more exceptionally great men. There is the President of the United States, but how is he supposed to be a great leader, when he is always ‘preoccupied’. The only greatness in this world seems to come from money. Those with money have all the power, and they will continue to have all the power as long as evolution remains on the same path. Aristocrats are able to keep their youth away from the reality of society. Private tutors, security, controlled environments. These factors all add to the shaping of an aristocratic youth. One wouldn’t expect Prince William to come home ‘high’ and pierced in every imaginable part of his body. That is because he has been kept away from living in the real world. He lives in a world of fame, private school, polo, and monarchy. If it wasn’t for the divorce between Prince Charles and Princess Diana, he might have never gotten a real look at the real world.

Keeping on the subject of “My Neighbor’s Son”, one reason for the child’s rebellious attitude may be for his need to be individual. Individuality is a form of self-expression that many parents disagree with. Some might say, “We will let you be an individual but, you cannot do thisand this. and this. In addition you have to do this.and this.and this. This is a common way that parents try to control their children, otherwise known as rules. Many parents inflict strict rules because of that lack of faith that their children will every amount to anything. They feel that by somewhat controlling their children, they will avoid the influences of society. This infliction of rules causes what was mentioned at the beginning of the essay, rebellion.

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Children cannot be prevented from entering the stream of life, and from following the examples of society. They best a parent can do is have faith in their children, and believe that eventually they will follow the right path of life.

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