The Typical Aussie Essay Research Paper I

The Typical Aussie Essay, Research Paper

I am here to speak to you today about the typical Australian, or if you prefer,

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The Typical Aussie Essay Research Paper I
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the typical Australian.

Australia is one of the greatest states in the universe, today. Not merely for its

achievments, such as hosting the olympic games, but for the people that make

Australia what it is. Australians pride themselves on their state likely

more than any other state.

Todays typical Australians are known for their laid back, easy traveling attack to

things. They love taking it easy.

If there? s one thing that the typical Australian loves most it? s athletics. Sport dramas

a major portion in the Australians lifestyle, and we enjoy a immense

array of out-of-door physical activity, which truly contradicts the image of

the typical Australian bloke & # 8211 ; short, fat, have oning a vest top, stubbie trunkss,

an acubra chapeau with corks hanging down, lashs on the pess and keeping a bottle

of V.B. & # 8211 ; Australian beer. We love combating out Football,

particularly since we have four codifications of the game.

There & # 8217 ; s Rugby League, Rugby

Union, AFL and Soccer. We besides play Netball, cricket, bastketball,

baseball, swimming, surfboarding, and a figure of others. We & # 8217 ; rhenium besides a competitory

clump, and love to crush the Kiwis and the Poms in ANYTHING & # 8230 ; .but particularly

Cricket. And whats traveling to the the cricket for the typical Australian without

declaiming that celebrated chant AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE? ..OY, OY, OY! ! ! ! !

Expression at the Olympic Gamess that are traveling on in Sydney, Australia as we speak, there

holding one of

the biggest crowds at any olympic games Ever!

And the huge majoritie of the witnesss are Australians, you see it doesn? T

affair what event, were behind our jocks, because there Australian, and the

typical Australian is ever behind fellow Australians.

Another thing the typical Australian loves is his beer. Australia is good known for

their beer. They brew great beer trade names such as Victoria Bitter, Fosters, and

carlton cold. Although its non something to be proud of, the typical Australian

chap enjoys whiffing on a coffin nail. And in my sentiment its one of the lone

things that the true bluish Australian should seek to alter. Pies and pasties are

loved by Australians, particularly the meat pie. The typical Australians bite, would

hold to be the four and mid-twentiess meat pie with tomato sauce. Aussies are

great meat lovers, and they love cooking barbeques, for their household and couples.

The typical Australian uses Australian slang a batch, when Hes speaking to his couples,

they use words such as: Arvo, intending Afternoon. Baggy green & # 8211 ; the Term for the

Australian Test cricket cap. Barbie & # 8211 ; Barbecue, the backyard barbie, an

Australian Institution! Bloke & # 8211 ; adult male or cat. Couch murphy & # 8211 ; a individual who watches

Television for long periods of clip. Drongo & # 8211 ; an Idiot. Dunny & # 8211 ; lavatory. Fair dinkum –

good, honest, true. Flannie & # 8211 ; flanelette shirt. G? day- hullo. Ocker & # 8211 ; A

bully. Ripper & # 8211 ; Great! Stubbie & # 8211 ; a little bottle of Beer.

Ladies and Gentlemen, what I have merely related to you, in my head, is the just

dinkum, true blue, typical Australian

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