The typical happy couple

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Phoebe is a freshman in high school, who is considered the popular girl. The description states that she is one of the ‘TTT” ones. Phoebe also has her parents who are together, however they are not the typical happy couple. In the monologue, Phoebe describes a snippet of her parent’s relationship and how she would sit in her closet until the fighting stopped. Besides her parents, Phoebe also talked about a past relationship with a boy named Phil. Objective: The goal of Phoebe seems to be the nice but rude teenager.

She is never truly a mean person, but she is she can be blunt a lot of the times. I believe Phoebe’s goal is to be a good friend towards Marmot, and attempt being a good friend towards the boys. However, she is unsuccessful, possibly because Of underlying issues. Because Of her relationship with her dad, she might feel different towards the boys. Relationships: Phoebe seems to have a different relationship with each person. Her relationship with Marmot seems like a good friendship.

Phoebe is finitely concerned about Marmot and her relationship with Mike. Phoebe asks questions before the night really gets started, as well as being there and trying to calm her when Mike does not show up. Phoebe’s relationship with Derek, Hunter, and Wade, seems about the same. She isn’t exactly hostile towards them, but she has this relationship with them where she might show some bitterness because of her relationship with her dad. When Phoebe talks about her relationship with her parents, it doesn’t seem like it’s a good one.

Tactic: Phoebe might use a few different tactics during her parts. Most parts when she is with more than one person she might use a more obnoxious tone and act more annoying towards people. However, if Phoebe is just are Marmot, or a single person, she might be calmer and have a more subtle tone with people. Another tactic she might use is underlying sadness. Because of her relationship with her parents she might used sadness as an underlying feeling that pushes her to act the way she does sometimes.

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