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The Union Of European Football Association Tourism

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    UEFA, the Union of European Football Association, a party found at twelvemonth 1953 at Switzerland which come with an aim which is used to advance football among the European state and better the football criterion among the states available in Europe. UEFA nowadays besides given the power to form the fixtures of the European nine and modulate the transportation of the participants around the European nine ( Veronique Von Tufts 2011 ) .

    Euro cup is a football tourney among the states available in Europe and it was founded at twelvemonth 1958 with the name of European Nations Cup and this tourney will be organize 4 old ages one time and it will be 2 old ages after or before of the World Cup Tournament. The original format or regulations for this tourney is every state squad had to play for 2 games which need to play in their place bowl and off bowl before the Semifinal of the tourney. At old ages 1968, this tourney had been changed the name from European Nations Cup to European Football Championship.

    The Henri Delaunay Trophy is the trophy which will be awarded by UEFA to the victors of the squad of Euro Cup, which named by the people who call Henri Delaunay as a 1st general secretary of UEFA. Pierre Delaunay boy of Henri Delaunay besides the people who in charge of the doing this trophy, this trophy will besides maintain by the state who won in the tourney for 4 old ages until the following Euro Cup.

    After old ages, the format of Euro Cup had been changed for few times until the latest format which the whole tourney will be diverse to 2 different phase, qualifiers stage which the states which involve will be separate to groups and the top squad of each group will be enter the concluding phases and the graded 2nd in the group will hold an excess game with another squad to acquire another making to the concluding phase, of class the host will automatically come in the concluding phases. In the concluding phase, there will be 16 squad involved and will be separate to 4 different group and the 1st rank and the 2nd rank will be enter the smasher phase which we know as one-fourth concluding and it will be continue until the concluding. Even those, Euro Cup is consider as minor cup comparison to the universe cup organize by FIFA which holding more than 20 billion paying attending on it, nevertheless Euro Cup besides holding 8 billion of spectator who follow the whole phase in twelvemonth 2004 and in twelvemonth 2008, it really exceed this sum of people.

    2.0 Market Trend

    Euro Cup 2008 hosted by Switzerland and Austria, so the market tendency analysis will be done in one of the host states, Switzerland. From the market tendency we can understand the consequence of the tourney on the market growing to Switzerland.

    Table 1: Tourism statistic and the growing in Switzerland from 2007 to 2009.[ 1 ]

    From the tabular array above, we can establish out the consequence of Euro Cup to Switzerland ‘s touristry industry due to the per centum and the sum alterations in the comparing between old ages. From twelvemonth 2007 to 2008, Switzerland holding a growing of 2 per centum to the international visitant visit Switzerland, and from 2008 to 2009, the international visitant in Switzerland have cut down from 920 million people to 880 million as in per centum it will be a decrease of 4.3 % comparison to 2008. So harmonizing to the alterations, we can understand that during the Euro Cup in Switzerland, it able to assist the state to pull more aliens to see the state merely to watch the Euro Cup 2008 in unrecorded.

    Graph 1: GDP growing and appraisal from twelvemonth 2002 to twelvemonth 2015[ 2 ]

    From graph 1 we can understand the consequence of the Euro Cup 2008 toward the GDP growing of Switzerland from twelvemonth 2007 to 2009, from twelvemonth 2007 Switzerland ‘s GDP are keep turning and make the extremum at twelvemonth 2008 and started to hold a negative growing or decrease of the GDP rate at the twelvemonth 2009 which the following twelvemonth of Euro Cup run in tally in Switzerland so we can understand the running of Euro Cup is non merely assist to hike the alien visitant available but besides the GDP or the economic growing in Switzerland.

    2.1 Rivals Analysis

    Euro Cup is one of the celebrated international athletics run which involve all the European state and as a international athletics run organized by UEFA, it besides consist a certain figure of rivals such as FIFA World Cup and Olympic game.

    International Campaign

    Entire Viewer

    Euro Cup

    8 billion[ 3 ]

    FIFA World Cup

    26.29 billion[ 4 ]

    Olympic game

    4.7 billion[ 5 ]

    Table 1: the entire spectator of the international games of the recent old ages

    Among the international athletics run we can understand that FIFA World Cup will be the leader out of all the run due to the audience it has reach to 26.29 billion about three-base hit of the Euro Cup which holding 8 billion spectator and one-fourth against the Olympic game which holding 4.7 billion spectator, so Euro Cup is one of the large run if compare to most of the International Sport Campaign but it merely see as a minor cup if comparison to FIFA World Cup.

    2.2 Positioning


    International Sport Event


    Champions League association football concluding


    Formula One Rushing


    Masters golf tourney


    Cricket World Cup


    Super Bowl


    Euro association football title


    Olympic Games


    World Cup of association football

    Table 2: The perceptional placement of the international athletics events[ 6 ]

    Table above shows a perceptual experience placement for some certain people in public towards the international athleticss event available in twelvemonth 2008 to 2010, we really can cognize that Euro Cup 2008 is one of the top international athleticss event due to the rank of 3 out of 8 celebrated international event after World Cup 2010 and besides Summer Olympic Games 2008.

    2.3 Event Aims

    For Euro Cup 2008, the aim of this event will fundamentally cognize as 3 different aims, environment, societal and economic system. Harmonizing to the sustainability study of Euro Cup 2008, UEFA had encouraged the host states, Austria and Switzerland to advance the modern environmental engineering as to run the games with the green power. For the societal side, UEFA will most probably to cut down the job of racism by the manner of conveying all the participants and besides the protagonists from all the states to holding a interaction between states citizen and besides understanding each other to avoid racism this besides will assist on the intent of UEFA which like to convey the athleticss closer to the human civilization. Economic aim of this event will based the growing of the host states economic, UEFA hope that the running of the event will assist the host states to pull more foreigner visitants to see the host states as to hike the ingestion degree of the alien to the state while they would wish to follow the tendency of the event as to better the GDP of the state and to cut down the unemployment rate in the host states ( UEFA EURO CUP 2008 Sustainability study ) .

    3.0 Marketing Communication mix


    Selling Tools


    Marketing Communication Mix

    3.1 Content

    Euro Cup 2008, the content which used to distribute through this event will be the sharing of the enjoyment of football to the European state or even the whole universe. Except the interesting of football, another chief content is to better the football criterion between the European states during the competition between each other. Last but non least there will be another content which match the aim of the event which available in Euro Cup, to cut down the racism job among the universe. Due to the visual aspect of different race, the Black and White or even Jewish who play for a same squad and holding a same ends as to acquire title-holders from the event.

    3.2 Media

    To allow more people know about Euro Cup 2008, there is tonss of media will be involve to distribute the intelligence or to make any advertizement. The media which involved might be Television, Newspaper, Internet and wireless. During the Euro Cup 2008, in Malaysia some of the newspaper have been studies about the game before it commence and they besides come out an extra portion merely to make informations analysis of the game, the consequence or some of the participants profile which involve in Euro Cup 2008. In Malaysia, Astro a premium telecasting channel had signed a contract with some other channel merely to acquire the right to demo Euro Cup 2008 live and they besides create some new channel which merely available in their decipherer to demo all the games which is unrecorded or even the past few games to fulfill those people who unable to catch up with the game, and before the game get down ESPN or some other athletics channel available in Astro besides did some advertizement merely to allow the public knows that Euro Cup 2008 is traveling to be start.

    3.3 Selling Tools

    Selling tools consists of 5 different elements in selling communications, which are gross revenues publicity, direct selling, personal merchandising, advertisement and public relation. Euro 2008 had involved to these 5 elements.

    3.3.1 Ad

    Degree centigrades: UsersHwkangDocumentsMy Received Fileseuro 2008.png

    Figure 2: Euro Cup 2008 functionary telecasting advertisement[ 7 ]

    The exposure above is the terminal of the official telecasting advertizement of Euro Cup 2008, this advertizement demoing the metropolis which traveling to host the fixture of Euro 2008 merely to better the perceptual experience of the public towards the host states and the advertizement besides demoing the high spots of the old games which besides to heighten the believe of the public towards the game that the game will be more or as aroused comparison to the old twelvemonth.

    Degree centigrades: UsersHwkangDownloadseuro_2008_6.jpg

    Figure 3: Euro Cup 2008 Wallpaper created by FIFA[ 8 ]

    From the wallpaper which really help at the larning phases to the spectator to understand what is Euro Cup 2008 running and besides who are the squads involve into the event due to the flag print into a football which let the people who do non cognize Euro Cup 2008 know that this even is a football event or tourney and the flag besides help to pull the attending of the spectator to cognize that what states are involve and it besides will assist on the encouragement the spectator available due to the involve of the state they like. For an illustration at this event at that place really holding a decrease of entire spectator at Great Britain due to the absent of England and some other Great Britain states.

    3.3.2 Gross saless Promotion

    To hike the repute or attending of Euro Cup 2008, there is some sponsorship making some publicity to increase their gross revenues and it besides help to increase the consciousness of Euro Cup 2008. For an illustration, Carlsberg have run a publicity of Carlsberg Euro 2008 Golden Ticket Contest that the consumer will hold the opportunity to win 2 Euro Cup ticket and some other monetary value while devouring Carlsberg beer. This publicity will non merely hike the gross revenues of Carlsberg beer but besides the consciousness of Carlsberg beer consumer on Euro Cup 2008.

    Degree centigrades: UsersHwkangDownloads

    Figure 4: The screen of the PS2 Euro Cup 2008 games[ 9 ]

    UEFA besides done some publicity through trading their events to some company, one of the good illustration will be the Euro 2008 games under EA Sports for PS2, EA Sports use the right for utilizing the name of Euro Cup 2008 to increase their gross revenues and UEFA will more likely to hold a aid from EA Sports to make some publicity for Euro Cup 2008 through the game done as to increase the consciousness of the populace who do non like football but like gambling.

    3.3.3 Public Relationship

    Degree centigrades: UsersHwkangDownloads4877787.jpg

    Figure 5: Event tally by Adidas in host state[ 10 ]

    The figure show the statue built by Adidas in the Euro Cup 2008 at the host state, which besides an event tally to increase the consciousness of Euro Cup towards the alien visitant and the local possible client. This event is run at Museum Quartier, Vienna with the celebrated participant statue with their ain national New Jersey which will be wear at the Euro Cup 2008.

    Degree centigrades: UsersHwkangDownloadseuro-2008-mascots.jpg

    Figure 6: Euro Cup 2008 mascot[ 11 ]

    Other than the event run by Adidas company at Vienna, the create of mascot is another public relation strategic done by UEFA to advance Euro Cup 2008 because the exists of the mascot is to stand for Euro Cup 2008 during or before the event.

    3.3.4 Personal Selling and Direct Marketing

    Figure 6: The phase of the purchase of Euro 2008 tickets[ 12 ]

    The figure shows the procedures of the purchase of the Euro Cup 2008 lucifer tickets, there holding 2 ways of telling those tickets which are telephone order and besides on-line order. Personal merchandising will be involved to the telephone order due to the populace will holding the opportunity to interact with the people through telephone by replying the inquiry or to make presentation to pull people to finalize the purchase determination devising procedures. Direct selling will be involved to the online telling due to the communicating manner is gestural communicating with the client and they will demo all the cardinal information on the web site to allow people understand from it unlike telephone telling which have verbal communicating and the client will able to garner information through the conversation.

    4.0 Push, Pull and Profile Schemes

    The push scheme will be involved while UEFA announce the start of the Euro 2008 ticket order system in telecasting, web site or some other media. In this proclamation UEFA really seeking to force the tickets gross revenues to the populace because they did state the populace the order of ticket will started to be accept and the manner of telling the ticket will besides be told in the proclamation.

    Degree centigrades: UsersHwkangDownloadsfr_2008_euro1.jpg

    Figure 7: Euro Cup 2008 advertizement on Coca Cola tins[ 13 ]

    The advertizement of Euro Cup 2008 in coca Cola can will be one of the pull strategic done by UEFA, due to the intent of the people who purchase coca Cola is to imbibe coca Cola but non acquiring the tins which come with the advertizement of Euro Cup 2008, so while people is imbibing the coca Cola with those advertisement might aware on the advertizement and if they are interested with the event, they will started to look for the information of Euro Cup 2008 but non waiting for the information to happen them.

    Degree centigrades: UsersHwkangDownloadseuro_2008_3.jpg

    Figure 8: Euro 2008 wallpaper[ 14 ]

    The wallpaper above will more likely to related to the profile strategic, from the wallpaper above which able to pull the attending of the people from the state involved due to the qualifiers of the state in this events will stand for the award of the citizen or the protagonists of those national squads.

    5.0 Cost of Euro Cup 2012

    Figure 8: The fiscal study of Euro Cup twelvemonth 2004 and 2008 ( per million Euros )[ 15 ]

    From the fiscal study province above, it shows that the event will affect in several costs except the direct event disbursals such as the distribution to the national squads, bringing fees, cordial reception fees and some other fees. Among the costs involved, the chief disbursals of the event will be the direct disbursals of the event which reach to a‚¬236 million which is 37.7 % out of the entire cost followed by the monetary value distribute to the squads and the cordial reception fees which are a‚¬184 million and a‚¬74 million or 29.39 % or 11.82 % out of the entire cost involved in the events. The fiscal study besides shows the growing of the entire disbursals of this event are about dual compare the old game in twelvemonth 2004 but it besides a growing of a‚¬30 million on the net gross for the event.

    6.0 Effectivenesss Measurement

    Public Relation Advertising

    Gross saless Promotion

    Degree of

    Direct Marketing & A ; Personal SellingEffectiveness

    Awaraness Consideration Purchased

    For Euro Cup 2008, the selling tools which most effectual at the purchase phases will be the Advertising and Public Relationship followed by gross revenues publicity and in conclusion will be direct selling and personal merchandising. Direct selling and personal merchandising will non be effectual in the purchase phase is because of UEFA does non did much proclamation on the ticket is available for order due to the demand of the Euro Cup 2008 ticket for unrecorded show is excessively high and most of the people will merely respond while all the advertizement and the publicity done by the sponsorship of Euro Cup 2008. Public relation being effectivity on purchase is due to the famous person indorsement, at Austria the statue prepare for the event is run while the making squad are confirmed and the statue of the start participant of the squad will demo on the event to pull the fan ‘s attending to buy the ticket to watch live or the fans will merely follow the whole procedure of the event at telecasting while the squad they supported are involved in the game. Gross saless publicity will be effectiveness on consciousness due to the ticket winning competition that will pull tonss of people to follow the sponsorship merchandise as to win the opportunity to travel to the host state to watch unrecorded game but it does non impact others to watch the game because of the competition. Advertisement will be effectual by Lashkar-e-Taiba others understand the interesting of the game and besides the clip of the game started, this will able to allow the audience to set the timing merely to watch the game live in telecasting. So we can cognize that for Euro Cup 2008, publicizing and public relation is the most effectual to act upon people in purchase phases and gross revenues publicity is more effectual on making consciousness and direct selling and personal merchandising will be less effectual due to the deficiency of proclamation and the supply of ticket is far off to carry through the demand in the market.

    2998 words.

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