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As a huge music fan (you can as well say music addict who can skip dinner for ten straight days to save dollars for headphones) I saw this assignment as a nice opportunity to express some feelings. Imagine a world where everyone listens to only one genre of music. Oh no, that’s boring. Talking about songs, we all have different tastes in music, and that fact constitutes part of the beauty of music.

Sometimes I think of the baby seals and polar bears that are going to die because of global warming, I think of the foreigners killed due to xenophobic attacks happening in South Africa, I think of the racist gestures and attacks I’ve seen on T.V. I can make a two-page list of all the ill things happening in the world right now but that will not be necessary. The point of it is to bring to your awareness the fact that the world needs healing.

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I don’t say it loosely when I say “Heal the world” is one of the top five conscious tracks of all time because it’s hard to find songs that root deeply for the earth and the people that die on a daily. ‘Heal the World’ is a personal favorite Jackson vocal and melody pairing. For the reader who has no time to read this whole piece, I can summarize this for you right here. The message of the song Heal the World is that we can all do something to make the world better and we should do it.

First of all, in a 2001 Internet chat with fans, Jackson said that ‘Heal the World’ is the song he was most proud to have created. He also created the Heal the World Foundation, a charitable organization which was designed to improve the lives of children. The organization was also meant to teach children how to help others.

Stop the discrimination, spread love and let it multiply like a virus. Be more considerate of others who are less fortunate in the world. His song is a beautiful song that talks about unity, peace, and equality. We should stop all the wars, killings, bombing and everything that makes the world wounded. Let us spread love and not hate.

A song that was popularized by Michael Jackson. This song is the theme of humanity. The song was created to entertain the people around the world who are affected. The song was also recognized by the United Nations as a song for world peace. This song is very nice to hear because the words he said are easy to understand and easy to be sung by everyone in the world.

Nowadays, there are still many wars, hunger happen in this world, there are still many people live without enough food and water, there are a huge number of people live in wars. According to Shah’s article, until 2013, there are still more than 660 million people live on less than 2 dollars a day.

‘Heal the world’ is a song about love, care and need. Michael Jackson sings to appeal to people to give their love and care to the children who are suffering from wars and poverty, making the world a better and warmer place to live. It’s a moving song and lights the hope of the future for needy children. The form of ‘Heal the world’ is Verse-chorus with a coda at the end. The main instrumentation used in this song is piano, percussion, guitar and some strings. The song begins with some aside of an innocent child, and there is some background sound showing happy children laughing and playing. From the first verse to the second verse, Michael’s voice is soft, tender and bright. The tempo of the song is moderato throughout and it is duple meter. Starting from the bridge section, the singer’s emotion is pushed to a higher point. It has more dynamics and the people who are singing the harmony joining in makes this section more powerful when singing the phrase ‘be god’s glow’. When the third chorus begins, the harmony part gets more dynamics, and the emotion of the song is boosted by rising tone to a higher pitch in the fourth chorus and even another higher pitch in the fifth. The final chorus reached the climax of the whole song. I can feel the strong emotion to appeal to the people to care children in homophonic way. At the coda section, the song adopts polyphonic texture, and the phrases ‘for you and for me’ and ‘heal the world we leave in, save it for our children’ seem to be swirling in listeners’ mind for a long time. This is a moving song, and the way Michael performed it made the song impressive and inspiring. Its power conveyed through the song will last for long. My feeling is complicated when I listen to this song because feel sad about these children but at the same time, I sense a ray of hope for them. Children are the future, if they are not well taken care of now, then who will lead tomorrow?

This song has strongly improved my social awareness and I now actively seek ways of making change in the world. As a computer science major, I hope to build systems that will significantly reduce accidents on the road, and also provide ultra-fast health response to accident victims. We can improve lives even with a simple action. Life is not all about making money, it’s about attaining fulfillment, and one of the ways I want to attain fulfillment is improving the lives of others. Hence Heal The World by Michael Jackson is of high importance to me.

This concept of ‘betterment for all’ is something that the world needs to adopt.

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