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Sigmund Freud’s Influence on Theories of Personality

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Theories of Personality

            Sigmund Freud is one of the most famous personalities in the field of science and of literature, mainly because he formulated theories that explained human nature and personality. Among his theories, the Psychoanalysis Theory is the most influential and the most frequently applied in real life because of the following considerations. First, it has been commonly used as a therapeutic method for the treatment and healing of neurosis. Second, it has been the approach utilized to train psychoanalysts.

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Sigmund Freud’s Influence on Theories of Personality
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Third, it became the foundation and basis of the theories that emerged such as Jung’s, Reich’s, Lacan’s and other of his own contemporaries (Depression-Guide, 2005). Lastly, it is applied in analyzing and interpreting ideas by observing the mode in which a particular behavior was expressed and acted out by an individual within a particular culture.

            The study of personality is essential because it serves as a basis for the comprehending, evaluating and analyzing human behavior, psychological illnesses and disorders.

It is also the foundation by which questions such as why people are similar and different with one another arise and individual assessment is developed.

            Despite all the criticisms with Freud’s theories, they still remain essential in the field of science and literature because his concepts aid people, especially social scientists, in understanding the human mind and culture. Furthermore, his theories, according to the Los Angeles Times (2000), has provided satisfying answers about human nature that no one else has done and has asked questions–how people do it and why people do it–that continue to fascinate the world in spite of Freud’s peculiar and doubtful answers.

            Without Freud’s theories, the field of Psychology will be missing out important theories of which Freud was the proponent including his psychoanalytic approach of treating neuroses, his study and interpretation of dreams, psychosexual development, and concepts of id, ego, and superego. Freud’s achievement has inflamed more the study and research on human mind and the different motivations behind an individual’s demeanors, leading to the discovery and study of new ideas, concepts and theories.


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Los Angeles Times. Scientists Re-Examining Freud’s Legacy. [Reproduced Ohama World-Herald]. (2000).


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