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Manners and A “life lesson” Essay

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The monitors don’t always catch the action, which makes it easier for it to be done. Manners are most definitely a “life lesson”. For example, when someone goes out to a restaurant, they wouldn’t want to see another individual throwing or spitting food, throwing trash on the ground, not using their napkin, elbows on the table, etc. The rules about throwing out trash should be enforced more, or taught in a manners lesson. Trash is left behind on at least 3 tables every period.

Anyone present in the lunch period sees it, including the monitors.

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Manners and A “life lesson”
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No one would ever ant to take someone out in public who just throws their trash on the ground; therefore, lunch time should be a chance to learn this. Lunch time is a period where students can relax and take a break from work, but teaching manners is extremely important. Even cavemen used manners. It is important for students to think about the others around them, and entrust themselves.

It is a possibility some students do not even realize of their actions. Not everyone realizes that they are chewing with their mouth full or slurping their drink, but they most definitely should be taught how to twice and avoid it.

Having manners indicates having consideration and respect for your peers. If someone is spitting food everywhere, someone else would take it as disrespect. When graduating high school, meeting people is a little more tough. Demonstrating your good manners are a superb way to start. A college roommate would most likely not want to socialize or go out with someone with terrible manners. While looking for a job, manners are a must. In conclusion, lunch should be an opportunity for learning. What we should be learning, is manners. These examples prove how manners stick to you for fife.

While you are here, at BOSS, college, out in public, looking for a job, while you are on the job, even at home (especially when guests are over) manners are always used. Many, and most likely every person can agree manners are important and should be taught to everyone. Bad manners aren’t always caught, but when they are a good response doesn’t occur. Manners do not have to be taught to the point where everyone is “high-class English people” This is why Bishop Shannon should have someone teaching the students manners during their lunch period.

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Manners and A “life lesson” Essay. (2018, Apr 25). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/persuasive-essay-14/

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