A School Lunch Hall

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The window is streaked with condensation, creating a dark ribbon of moisture. The intense heat and humidity inside the room indicate the presence of numerous soaked bodies seeking shelter from the continuous rain. In one area, a lone teacher tries unsuccessfully to control a group of noisy children and is overwhelmed by a wave of students in uniforms. Filled with excitement and driven by their hunger, the mob of kids rushes past him and into the cafeteria.

Despite feeling overwhelmed, he regains some control and begins to thin out the crowd at a more consistent pace. He can’t help but envy his fellow teachers who are enjoying a few peaceful moments at a nearby table. As the room fills up, the noise from the unruly teenagers grows louder and more chaotic, reaching levels that could rival a rowdy football crowd.

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Despite the efforts of their teachers, the children persist in making noise, determined to maintain their reputation. Eventually, as the initial excitement wears off and the number of children decreases, the disruption decreases as well, and the children form smaller groups. In the middle of one of these groups sits a plain girl who is tolerating the unwanted attention of several of her more popular peers. It is evident that she is accustomed to this kind of bullying, and she continues eating her meal silently.

Finally, the group becomes tired of observing the girl ignoring their comments. Instead, they shift their focus to a table that is encircled by an invisible barrier, seemingly emanating from its occupants. This particular group shows aversion to anyone who tries to approach within a three-foot radius of their esteemed territory. Consequently, a circle of admirers forms around this group, admiring their remarkable reputation and charisma. The teenagers within this enclosed space appear reluctant to allow others to join their group.

Replicating the entire crown jewels, there is an abundance of gold and fake diamonds adorning the uniforms. These uniforms repel any similar attempts made by other pupils. Among the group, there is a new addition, a girl who smiles with the same intensity as a chat show host. She is ecstatic to have a place within this sacred circle, and from her position on the mount Olympus of the dinner hall, she looks down upon the insignificant drones below. Trying to embody the haughty dignity of the established gang members, she revels in her newfound status.

As the allure of the dinner hall diminishes, a few resilient students opt to face the weather outdoors instead of enduring the overcrowded and damp stuffiness, knowing their efforts in styling their hair would be wasted. Abruptly, a loud clang reverberates throughout the hall, startling most of the children out of their relaxed daze. The entire student body is filled with laughter, united in their search for the person responsible amongst the three-hundred or more individuals present.

The young culprit, a boy in year seven, stands beside a pile of broken china. As some older students cheer, he turns bright red with embarrassment, hoping for a miraculous escape from the attention. Sadly, like others before him in similar situations, there is no hole to rescue him, leaving him at the mercy of countless delighted teenagers. Eventually, the shouts fade away under stern gazes from a few teachers, replaced by the ominous sound of the bell, which compels all the children to face the relentless rain.

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