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My Understanding of Statement Time Is Money

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In my opinion, there cannot exist any statement that is undoubtedly true. And in this way, we are not able to say whether time is money or not. Some people will always believe that time is only money but nothing else; others will defend the opposite thesis. As far as I am concerned, all of us should realize that the material world around us makes time money.

Although I do not want to agree with this statement, I confess that all of us should be realists.

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My Understanding of Statement Time Is Money
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No one can lead normal life without enough money. People constantly work in order to earn. And they need time. It is mainly money for them. Their credo is “Don’t lose time, make money!” But it can be interpreted in several ways. Nowadays there are two categories of people. People from the first group work hard in order to make enough for a living, to satisfy their basic needs. While the others consider money as a way to win more power and better social position, sometimes – even friends.

They say “Money makes the world go round” and time represents only money for them.

It seems to me that we usually forget that time is not only money – it is also love, war, dreams, music… If we forget that, it would occur that our world is only made from money and we are slaves of money. In my opinion, money is not something that is able to satisfy our internal needs, something that can make us feel really happy. And there are thousands of examples to support this statement – rich people are usually ready to give all their wealth only to become happy again. And in this way, we should not forget that although time and money are always inseparable and both of them – very valuable things, time is something more than money. It is eternal. It must not be compared with money – they are two completely different things. Time is something unreal – we know it, we feel its insufficiency, but we cannot touch it or lend it to someone else.

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