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15 Attributes That a Quality by Design Team Should

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    List 15 general attributes that a quality by design team should consider during the product design phase of product development. 15 general attributes or principles that need to be considered before product development are:

    1. Quality must be the concern – use of a TQM system preferred
    2. Plans must accommodate a reduction in product cycle times.
    3. Special emphasis should be placed on innovative ideas.
    4. The vision and strategy plans must be coherent.
    5. Plans should incorporate the use of a product-family oriented business unit.
    6. Plans should listen to the voice of the customer.
    7. The development process should be well organized and clearly defined.
    8. Development teams should be cross-functional.
    9. Supplier involvement should occur as early as possible in the process.
    10. A defined development methodology should be followed.
    11. Team members must be highly skilled and well trained.
    12. Consider use of computer aided design systems
    13. Consider use of digital product models
    14. Consider use of simulation and rapid prototyping.
    15. Implement and use best practice techniques.

    Using trade journals, professional society magazines, periodicals, and your networking ability, identify three examples of quality by design success stores and discuss their results. Land Rover was evaluating a new optimization product to determine the affect of engine mountings on in-car noise for new models. By adjusting their design of experiment to include a software package from IT Innovation called INTREPID or intelligent resource management software with the Land Rover’s existing queuing system they were able to improve execution throughput by 4.5 times.

    Innovative design while including vendors led to a quality of design improvement. SAP was trying to perform a validation of 111 systems running a software package version 1. 1 analytic applications. They took the time to build their design team to include 31 global members from the US, Germany, and India. This team was then given the time to design a proper experiment to validate all 111 systems and have them in the marketplace by their deadline in May 2006. Be planning and then following a designed methodology they were able to meet their goals.

    LogicVision designed an embedded test solution for assistance in future design of testing of integrated chips. By embedding the test solution in the semiconductor design the testing phase is greatly reduced while also reducing overall manufacturing costs and enabling system level test along with field diagnostics to improve future design. This design eliminates time-consuming pattern translation, compilation, and debugging tasks thus enabling the delivery of quality prototypes in a much shorter period.

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