Explain the personal attributes valued by employers

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Personal Attributes Valued by Employers

For this task, I will be looking at the personal attributes you will need to be valued by an employer. These attributes will maintain a good understanding of how capable a person would be to become employed for a certain position/role. A personal attribute can be varied depending on the person and makes them unique. This helps employers evaluate how a person can cope with a certain situation and if they are ideal for a particular role.

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Specific Attributes:
Employers will expect you to have a wide knowledge of software if they would want to hire you. This is a key skill in the IT industry as having a wide knowledge of software – whether it’s Word processing, programming languages etc… The more knowledge you have will show that you are diverse and will also make you a unique asset. Job related:

Technical Knowledge
Employers look for people with a standard knowledge of the technology and resources they may have to use during their time of employment. The main attribute they’ll be looking for is the ability to use computer systems as they have a huge impact in day to day life nowadays. Computer systems allow the organization to work at their full potential.

Good working procedures:
Health and Safety
This is one of the main attributes an employee would need to be aware and experienced with. Employers would expect you to have a good understanding with health and safety policies, this way now you can be safe within the certain environment.

Knowledge of Computer Security
In the IT sector especially, employers seek future employees with a wide knowledge of security systems and basic knowledge of how to keep safe on the
internet. This says that you would know what you are doing while using the internet and can handle the maintenance needed to keep a computer safe and up to date while using a variety of software. In addition this will mean that you are very aware of issues and threats which can make you a highly valuable asset.

General Attributes:
Organisational Skills
This is the basic skill that utilises your ability to plan, design and organize. It shows how maintained you are with goals and implements ways you can fulfil/achieve these goals within a given timeframe.

Time Management
This is a highly integral factor for employees and also one of main problems staff members struggle with. Managing your time ensures that you do a good, exemplary job and it keeps your employer happy. Time management includes several things for staff to maintain, this could be arriving to work on time, in addition to completing certain tasks within a period of time. Employees have to sustain a good standing with personal issues that aren’t relevant towards a work environment. Valuable company time should not be wasted tending personal issues as it can cloud a good working mind-set of a person.

In order to utilise the best use of time, you need to manage time effectively, here some of the various positive ways this can be achieved: Taking control of the time – Having a routine, which includes certain tasks that need to be done by this/that time and for you to remember what exactly needs to be done. Securing your time space – Making sure to keep away from distractions and finding solutions to overcome barriers and interruptions. Keeping note of meetings and appointments and having a basic awareness of important events.

This is a key general attribute as it shows that you have a capability
towards working well with others, and just generally cooperating as you attempt to reach a certain goal. It shows that you can cope in a professional environment with other colleagues and that nothing holds you back as you are more sociable which maintains a positive reputation.

Majority of skills that are learnt are mainly technical skills, which are highly valued. However, employees expect many other skills that can predefine you as a person – who, as a result, can become a highly valued asset towards the organisation. The HR department e.g. of The Manchester College would expect an individual, when hiring, to have a sense of dependability, determination, creativity and also be independent. Preferred:

Success in a workplace is hard to attain while lacking the determination to do so. If you strive hard enough, as a result you will be able to overcome and withstand the pressure put upon you. To an employer, they will see you as an employee with a positive and forward mind-set who looks ahead and is passionate towards what he/she does. This means you are an effective and productive employee, as it shows you value your job.

This is the ability to come up with new incentives/ideas also, to share/find new solutions for a problem all within your own creativity. In addition it utilises your experience towards resources and other things.

This vital for employers as it establishes the capability of an employee to be able to handle work load while working independently to produce a good standard.

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