The Key Attributes of the Diversity Competency

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The diversity competency involves having the knowledge, skills, and abilities to appreciate and value unique individual, group, and organizational characteristics. The key attributes of diversity competency include effective performance, understanding of various categories and characteristics of diversity, and the ability to embrace diversity as a source of strength. Work-life initiatives, such as those implemented by Sprint, can improve employee efficiency and reduce turnover rates. In order to succeed in multi-national companies, individuals must be open-minded, accepting and respectful of others. The self-competency is characterized by personal strength and weakness assessment, pursuing professional and personal goals, balancing work and personal life, and engaging in new learning. Key attributes of the self-competency include understanding one’s own and others’ personality and attitudes, accurately perceiving and interpreting oneself and others, understanding and acting on work-related motivations and emotions, and taking responsibility for managing oneself and career over time.

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The diversity competency encompasses the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to appreciate and value individual, group, and organizational characteristics. Its key attributes include the effective performance of individuals, teams, and the organization. Diversity encompasses multiple categories and characteristics that can impact individuals.

The more employee turnover there is in a workplace, the less efficient the employers become. A well-known and successful organization that showcases work-life initiative is Sprint. Norma, let’s have a one-hour open discussion about cultural competency and learn about each other’s cultures. To succeed in multinational companies, being open-minded and accepting of others while respecting them is crucial.
Let’s discuss Chris Tserng’s key attributes of self-competency and provide specific examples for each attribute. Self-competency involves having knowledge, skills, and abilities to evaluate personal strengths and weaknesses, set and pursue professional and personal goals, maintain work-life balance, and engage in continuous learning.
The key attributes of self-competency include:
– Understanding one’s own personality as well as others’.
– Accurately perceiving, appraising, and interpreting oneself and others.
– Comprehending one’s own motivations and emotions at work (as well as those of others) and acting upon them.
– Evaluating and establishing personal goals for both personal life as well as work life.
– Taking responsibility for managing oneself along with one’s career over time – even during stressful situations.

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