Treaty of Versailes

“The treaty of Versailles could be a major reason for the emergence of the Second World War.”
The text supports the idea that the major issue that began the Second World War was from The Treaty of Versailles in 1919. There are three crucial episodes in this statement that demonstrates of how World War 2 began in 1939. The meeting was held early 1919 in France, where there were three other countries including Germany, France, Britain and America. America wanted world peace which they had came up with the 14 pts that could help these countries for world peace.

The three countries had came to a conclusion that Germany must not exceed the army men to 100,000, and navy men reduced down to 15,000 men which Germany weren’t that pleasing.
Furthermore, Germany had to pay back the total cost for each of the countries which was an estimate of around $20 billion gold marks, Germany couldn’t have a say whether to give or not, it was an end, either surrender or die. Thirdly the Germans had to give up Alsace Lorraine to France, and cannot take any part in The League of Nations which was decided by the three countries; France, Britain and America. The Germans were upset and frustrated of how greedy they became, Germany could no longer keep it in any longer and started arguing.
On the other hand, France, Britain and America did not agree with the fact that Germany is getting upset when it was their fault at first.

After the treaty was signed and agreed from the 4 countries. Back at Germany, people were ashamed and disappointed because Germany had lost so much, the Germans wanted to get back at the other nations so they came up with an idea that Hitler could be the new leader that can lead German to overpower the other countries and become anew. Each by each year German became more in power and so therefore Britain, France and America did try to convince the Germans that they should stop before their actions will lead to WW2.

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