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Treaty of Versailles: The End of War

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    WW1 Armistice happened at November 11th, 1918 on 11:11 and it ended war against the axis and ally power. The League of Nations later on started January 19, 1920 and was made to fix solutions. Later on they have made the Treaty of Versailles to end war completely and have everything come back. Later on Germany goes bankrupt and then the rising of Hitler starts because of this Treaty. When Hitler starts to gain his leadership, he starts bringing Jews into a hellish place. Later on, the Holocaust starts.


    1914, June 28, Archduke and his wife is assassinated. This was the spark of WW1. Later on near the end of the war, The allies have start a organization called The League of Nations.The League of Nations then made the Treaty of Paris, also known as the Treaty of Versailles.This put Germany into a big depression and the start of Hitler’s rise. Once Hitler rose into a better position for Germany, he starts to seperate and exterminate Jews.

    After Archduke was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, they later named this as patriotism and nationalism act. He immediately was arrested for murdering Archduke and set into prison for 20 years. Sir Thomas Barclay (of England) predicts a large war and a gruesome war. Later on, the spark for WW1 started. Austria-Hungary has declared war on Serbia.

    During WW1, this was revolution of evolving weapons and lethal substances. This is where tanks, plane have started to during the war. This brung upon a big impact because without this, somethings wouldn’t be here now. Gas was introduced into the war and it was hell. People eyes were hurt, they went to physically pain and hurt them mentally also. It also have shell shocked them due to the gunfire and explosions. During this war, people really have been through a lot. They were traumatized after what they’ve been through. The Trenches was a big deal to ever since people have been there a long time without care. They had to go over the top was a life or death situation. You either go and try not to get killed or move. Trench Warfare was terrible, so were the trenches itself. People were getting too sick and died of diseases due the bad conditions inside the trenches.

    Other than getting sick, there was a lot of battles other than the battles that happened at No Man’s Land. Germany was one of the people who was strong on land and did the most damage. Germany did the most during this war ever since they entered. The only reason they entered the war because their allies entered the war. Once they have entered, they first declare war on Austria-Hungary. They later on declare war on Russia and also declares war on France. They also invades Belgium the same days as they declare war.

    The armistice has finally happened after many years of war. This armistice happened on 1918 November 11th at 11:11 o’clock, that’s why it was special. The other bigger reason why it was special cause this was when war ended. Once this treaty was made, Germany was in a depression and was brung down. There was no hope for Germany yet during this time. Germany had to pay 5.5 billion dollars to pay off the war and take off its territories from other places.

    After the Treaty, 42 nations in 1919 ratified the League of Nations. It finally took in the year 1920, January 10.

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