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Trends in the Workplace

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Predict three (3) human resource functions that are likely to be affected by the implementation of an MR. system. Propose two (2) ways in which you as a human resource manager can help the organization carry out this change successfully. As material resource planning (MR.) involves the initiation of the automation of planning needs for resources, ordering materials, and scheduling tasks to be completed on the shop floor; it is to be expected that certain functions of human resources will be directly affected with the implementation of the MR.


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Trends in the Workplace
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The first of these would be job analysis which is the process f getting detailed information about the job and job design which involves defining the way work will be performed and the tasks involved in completing those requirements. Obviously the shift from manual process to automation will change the standards for certain task requirements and necessitate the assessment of standards of performance. This leads directly to the affectation of a second human resource function of training and development.

Training and development will become a priority as the MR. system will require dedicated orientation to introduce the systems to the employees. This will need to be a ell planned undertaking for information, disclosure and inquiry response. Skill development will also need to be provided to prepare the users of the new systems for the task the implementing of automated systems can cause unrest in a business setting so it is important that employee relations and communications be kept transparent making this the third human resource function to be affected as the MR. system is implemented.

Two ways in which human resource managers should be prepared to implement this change successfully is to first be fully vested in the resource that is human capital. Human resource managers should be prepared to identify those individuals who have the skill set to complete the transition for the prescribed tasks by clearly stating the task, its objectives and setting realistic goals and attainment periods. Secondly, human resource managers are to make sure the employees progress matches the goals that have been set forth.

This is performance management and is critical in a transitional period. Determine three (3) human resource skills that would be important for success in leveraging the new MR. system. An undertaking of the magnitude of the MR. transition will require the use of any human resource management skills. The most important of these skills is the ability to effectively communicate. This includes written communication skills, oral communication skills and both verbal and non verbal skills and active listening can be included here as well.

Critical thinking will be needed to make decisions for situations that may arise during the transition as well. Lastly, a strong sense of judgment and decision making abilities will be required. There will no doubt be times human resource managers may be called upon to make instant decisions or implement changes in an effort to complete the transition s complex issues arise. These times will require an aggressive approach to meet the quality and standards of the business.

Based on the planned growth of the organization, predict three (3) factors that might impact the organization’s ability to hire new employees that possess the technical skills needed to perform a job. One factor that may have an impact the organizations ability to hire new employees that possess the desired technical skills for the performance of a job is initially recognizing the need to hire or promote a current vacancy. A second factor is determining the relevance of the current job description and whether t is in full alignment with the now automated position.

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