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Social Trends Paper

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  • Pages 2
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    Running head: SOCIAL TRENDS PAPER Social Trends Paper University of Phoenix Soc 105 Social Trends Paper A social trend summed up is events that happen in society to make society better or worse. This paper will state some social trends in popular American culture. According to “Social Trends in America Vol. 4” some social trends discussed are: •Crime Overview •Violent Crime •Property Crime •Lesser Crimes and Offenses •School Safety •Drugs •Terrorism •Law enforcement •Prisons •The legal system

    A few of these trends discussed briefly in this paper, will enable a better understanding of some trends in the popular American culture. Crime Overview Crime Overview is similar to a tall mountain. On the bottom of the mountain are the minor traffic violations that societies commit. Then they tend to commit offences that are serious enough to be arrested. However, the arrests come from different categories, which range from 20 different areas, but according to the FBI they are not severe enough, so they are not put into the FBI’s crime rate or the National Criminal Victimization Survey.

    As crime reaches the top of the mountain the number of crimes sky rockets, but how brutal the crimes are become lower. So whether “crime is up” or “the crime rate is dropping,” “the blood-red tip of this mountain is the most violent of crimes, homicide. The numbers are tiny, but the impact ultimate” (Crime Overview, 2009). Violent Crimes Violent Crimes in society include but not limited to “murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and simple assault. ” Often young people between the ages of 18-24 commit these violent crimes.

    The rates of these crimes have a very different rate based on race, poor and rich, and residential area such as rural, urban, and suburban. Furthermore, the amount of violent crimes primarily happens either in the home or around the home (Violent Crimes, 2009). Conclusion After further reading “Social Trends in America Vol. 4,” each of the trends listed above have someway impacted America. For example, “Social Trends in America” also lists data to show how each trend has impacted society over the years.

    By including the data, it showed that no matter which trend it was, society has had either a positive or a negative reaction to the trend. Futhermore, social trends happen everywhere because it is what society makes of it in their everyday choices. References Social Trends in America Vol. 4 (2009). Retrieved October 11, 2009 from Google search engine: http://social. jrank. org/collection/12/Social-Trends-Indicators-USA. html Crime Overview. (2009).

    Retrieved October 11, 2009 from Google search engine: Crime Overview – Indexes Of Crime, Violent Crime, Property Crime, Other Crimes And Offenses, Drug War Trends: ArrestsRead more: http://social. jrank. org/pages/1248/Crime-Overview. html#ixzz0TerAFbJW Violent Crime. (2009). Retrieved October 11, 2009 from Google search engine: Violent Crime – Violent Crimes Are Down, A Century Of Murder, The Poorer You Are, The More Vulnerable To Violent CrimeRead more: http://social. jrank. org/pages/1264/Violent-Crime. html#ixzz0Tf1EEbJn

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    Social Trends Paper. (2018, Feb 03). Retrieved from

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