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If the two adult females of Agamemnon, Clytaemnestra and Cassandra, were put to the trial of Tug of War, would at that place be a victor or would neither win? A game of Tug of war significance, a pull from each side of the rope until one side with out a uncertainty crosses a drawn line. There are similarities between the two ladies every bit good as several differences.

The actions of the ladies and confrontations lead the town to hold confused idea of each adult female. Both adult females are strong characters holding strong pulls on the rope but each shows their failings and tends to lose clasp. A child s game of Tug of War topographic points these characters in a state of affairs of face-to-face competition. As the chorus exclaims before Agamemnon arrives, the good wins out, no hurting can tip the graduated tables, non now.

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There are few similarities amongst Clytaemnestra and Cassandra. Both ladies portion an confidant relationship with Agamemnon and each relationship gives each adult female a difficult pull on each side of the rope. On Cassandra s side of the rope she pulls for Agamemnon as his award won after her hubby Eurypylus, was killed in the Trojan War. Cassandra bore Agamemnon a set of twins as they took their journey back place to Troy.

The tear in the rope did non develop until Agamemnon showed up at Troy to show his married woman, Clytaemnestra, with his kept woman Cassandra after his long anticipated homecoming. Clytaemnestra besides bore Agamemnon kids, is the married woman of this disdainful adult male. In the Grecian society it is believed that when married it cuts off all ties to household and friends except that of the new matrimony. Not merely can Clytaemnestra draw for criminal conversation, but besides for hatred of taking her signifier her household. Each adult female now have been defied, has an even pull on the Tug of War rope at this point.

Would the chorus have help on either side for a certain character? Clytaemnestra self-praise in the beginning about the fires and how she traveled with them conveying the fire back to claim Troy. The town people respect her, We respect your power..But why these fires? Good intelligence or more good hope? This is where her pull on the rope is be givening to go lose.

The town people do non believe this adult female s intuitions, And who on Earth could run the intelligence so fast, the leader of Troy explains to Clytaemnestra. What makes her narrative different from anyone else in the town? Cassandra has the same job on her side of the rope. When she foresees the hereafter of herself every bit good as that of the male monarch of Troy Agamemnon, the town people have no ground or cogent evidence to believe this kept woman of the King.

The god Apollo gave her a mixture of approval and expletive of prognostication. As much and she tried to warn the town the less of a clasp she could do on the rope. Her narratives as the T ain knew them, of the slaying of Agamemnon their King and besides that of her ain, became a brainsick adult female s supplication for aid. All she could make was state them of her cognition and ask for them to believe.

After her announcements of the autumn of Troy the town still could non develop a belief for her narrative. Cassandra was cipher to the town people, merely a trophy for Agamemnon. Cassandra is a trophy that the town could non take pride in. Both Clytaemnestra and Cassandra have lost clasp on the rope. With both adult females drawing a strong game, it leaves the mark at an even point.

The intervention given to each of the single characters does assist the force that is pulled on the rope. The first reaching of Agamemnon shows such pride that he fails to ask for his kept woman ( that bore him a set of twins ) into the castle. Clytaemnestra, Let the ruddy watercourse flow and bear him place. She gives, the great master intervention tantrum for a male monarch. This allows Clytaemnestra a big pull on the rope. As Agamemnon reveals Cassandra s presence, he claims she followed him place go forthing Cassandra hopeless in this pull on the rope. Clytaemnestra has a definite lead on the Tug of War.

Although the chorus finds both adult females hard to believe they accept them as valorous characters. The leader of the chorus can merely give encouragement to Cassandra for being courageous plenty to confront her ain decease. The leader exalts, You re weather, believe me, full of gallant bosom. This brings her excess pull on her side of the rope. As she faces her decease knowing Agamemnon will be murdered besides she still cries out for aid. This leaves her rope for the town to draw against Clytaemnestra.

A coward chorus can non keep the terminal of the deal for Cassandra and does non support their male monarch. Clytaemnestra gets the concluding Yankee on the rope as she runs out of the castle with the blood of the town male monarch and his kept woman on her custodies. Does this Yankee claim a victor or is the terminal of the rope left behind that pronounces a victor? Clytaemnestra gives great justness for her making, claiming Agamemnon non being the saint the town believes. The town still has no clasp on the rope but keeps the lacerate strings on their side as the leader exiles Clytaemnestra.

Undecided and unaccountable creates confusion as to whom the victor is proclaimed. Or does decease claim a victor. If it is decease that claims the victor is it the adult female who died wittingly or the adult female who slain the victim? Both Clytaemnestra and Cassandra hold strong sides to the war but with a rope prevarication in the incorrect custodies can merely plump to a failure to articulate a victor. The town ne’er reveals wishing to either adult female and Agamemnon pulled both sides equally go forthing the interior being of each adult female to transport on the Tug of War. This is a Tug of War that places each character even cognizing neither wins and everybody loses.

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