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Shihan This Type of Love

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In Shihan’s poem “This Type of Love” he really gets into detail about his point of view on how strong the power of love is throughout his poem. He details the trials and tribulations he would go through just because he is motivated by love and how love can make us do things that we would never do unless it’s for a certain someone. In the beginning of the poem Shihan first talks about how he has a type of love that makes him wants to talk to all of his friends about.

This is an example of how strong his love is because most men don’t show their emotions around others especially their peers.

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Shihan This Type of Love
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The fact that Shihan is bold enough to talk to his friends about his lover shows that this love is serious. He also illustrates his love when he says “Or see how your first name just sound so good next to my last name” he’s saying he loves this woman so much that he wants to marry her and spend the rest of his life with her.

He also displays how strong his love is when he says he can’t even make it out of his garage without talking to his lover. He’s saying he just loves that energy and sense of love he gets from this girl.

Shihan also displays his emotions towards his lover with his tone of enthusiasm. His diction is what really tells the audience that he is very exhilarated. His use of hyperbole and metaphors also show just how passionate he is and how strong the power of love really is. In the last stanza he says he wishes to get hit by a car, get amnesia, transported to another country to get surgery and then fall in her in another just to see if it feels the same just to prove what he would do for his lover.

He also uses another example of hyperbole when he says he wants to talk to his lover until his is breathless that way he can breathe all of her into him as if he needs her to breathe; to live. Also in the poem it seems like Shihan has found the perfect woman for him in his life by describing all of the things he would do for her just to make her happy. The reason I believe Shihan has found this woman because he calls this love a “real” type love. In the poem I also see what the definition of true love is; going that extra mile just to be with that special someone, or utting a smile on their face, or going through hell and back just to be with a loved one. In the end of the poem he says that he will share this love with his wife. I think this means that you will only have a real love with that one you will spend the rest of your life with. In this poem Shihan describes all of the ways that love can make us feel; maybe not in those exact words, but however when one experiences that feeling of love they are crazed enough to do anything for their other half. This poem also shows how zealous people can be when they are in love and what power love possess.

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