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Understand How Schools Uphold Their Aims and Values

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  • Pages 2
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    It is likely that the school’s aims or visions will be in the prospectus and in other school literature.

    They will usually be set by the headteacher in collaboration with parents, staff, and the community, and will state what the school set to achieve.


    The Values of the school are based on the moral code which will inform its development.

    Core values are at the heart of many communities and belief systems. Although there may be some differences in the way in which people view them, they will usually include respect for self and others and are related closely to Personal, Social, Health Economic education (PSHE) and citizenship education. They may also be tied in with the school rules.

    If the school is a church school, this will also be closely linked to its values. The school’s aims and values need to be communicated as much as possible school literature and on its websites as well as in school. This is because these sources are where parents and others gain their first impressions of the school. The school can also demonstrate their aims and values by developing links with the local community and by working together for the benefit of pupils.

    These are a few examples of how my school successfully uses links to involve parents and the local community to benefit the pupils using its aims and values.

    • The work of school governors
    • Parents evening
    • Open days
    • Events such as schools fairs where the local community gets involved
    • PTA
    • Career information days
    • Developing links with businesses and encouraging visitors from the local community
    • Parent helpers

    The school I work in has a small outline of the aims and values around the school but a full copy is also available at a request from the school office and to view online.

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