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Understanding Leadership

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ILM Level 3 Unit 8600-308 Understanding Leadership Assignment 1. Understand leadership styles 1.1 Describe the factors that will influence the choice of leadership styles or behaviours in workplace situations All situations are different and a leadership style applied in one situation will not always work in another. A leader must use judgement to decide the most appropriate style needed for each situation. The ‘Situational Approach’ to leadership identifies four leadership styles which are; Authoritative Persuasive Consultative Democratic In the context of the main front line supervisory leadership role within the Fire and Rescue Service leadership is split two ways.

The first being the day to day running of a fire station which …show more content…

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Understanding Leadership
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Some negatives of this style include the fact that not all leaders have the ability to ‘sell’ their decisions convincingly and application of this style may make the leader appear weak if they constantly appear to have to sell or justify their decisions. A consultative style encourages discussion with the team; the leader presents the situation or problem and may possibly suggest a provisional decision.

They then invite discussion about it and get suggestions and ideas, the leader then decides. Positives of this style include group synergy ‘none of use is as clever as all of us’, and acknowledgment that the team has something to contribute to the decision-making process. Disadvantages of this style could include slower decision making due to consultation, and the expectation of the team or individuals that they will always be consulted. The democratic style which allows the team to develop options and decide actions may be appropriate for a well trained team who perform at a high level. Leadership functions may be shared with the team and individuals have a greater say in decision making and the implementation of actions and procedures. Advantages of this style may include securing team commitment to decisions and their implementation, which can be an aide to the development of the team and individuals, and increased morale. Disadvantages; in situations where team roles are unclear it can lead to communication failures. And there is the possible .

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