Understanding organisations and the role of human resources Essay

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Premier Inn at a glance
“Premier Inn is the UK and Irelands biggest and fastest growing hotel company, with over 650 budget hotels offering quality accommodation at affordable hotel prices” - Understanding organisations and the role of human resources Essay introduction. (http://www.premierinn.com/)

It is the largest division of Whitbread which “is a multinational hotel, coffee shop and restaurant company”.
Premier Inn provides large beds, en-suite bathrooms, a widescreen TV with Freeview and 30 minutes free WI-FI with every room. All hotels have an onsite bar / restaurant and parking facilities.
Premier Inn offers a “Good Night Guarantee” to its guests meaning if they are not satisfied with all aspects of their stay, their money is refunded. This offer is completely unique to Premier Inn and is what makes it stand out from other hotel chains.

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The main customers
With its variety of different room types and convenient locations, Premier Inn hotels are able to cater for a wide range of customers.
Companies often choose Premier Inn when booking their employees into hotels around the UK. This is because Premier Inn is a known quantity. The brand prides itself on the consistency of its product and services. While there is no obtainable discount for any hotel reservations, companies are offered a Business Account Card in order to make the booking process easier to manage. They can set an allowance for their employees’ accommodation, meals, WIFI etc and this can all be managed online.

Premier Inn guests are charged for the room, rather than the amount of guests. It is a budget hotel chain so prices are reasonable, meaning families often benefit from this arrangement. Children’s play areas and activity stations are being introduced to some of the more central sites and they offer two free children’s breakfasts for every full paying adult.

With many sets of interconnecting rooms and a downstairs meeting area in
each of the hotels, group bookings are a regular occurrence at Premier Inns. Guests can make requests through their booking agent or directly with the hotel prior to arrival, for specific rooms or even for special items to be placed in the rooms making the hotels perfect for couples too.

Organisational aims
According to the Premier Inn Intranet: “The aim [of the organisation] is to build the best large-scale hospitality brand in the world by becoming the most customer focused organisation there is, anywhere.” Their vision is to “grow legendary brands by building a strong customer heartbeat and innovating to stay ahead”. Loading…The customer is at the heart of everything the company does, and staff operates under the idea of the “guest obsession” but ultimately, the purpose of the organization is for profit and growth.

Effects on business practice.
The method taken in order to reach set targets and objectives, can be heavily affected by external factors. Premier Inn moves with the economy and adapts its methods constantly in order to stay ahead. That is why it has become such a successful hotel chain.

Environmental & ethical
Premier Inn takes responsibility for how the business affects the environment by designing programs to tackle carbon and water overuse, and their waste disposal procedures. This includes changes such as: Separating waste in order to send less volume to landfill, increase recycling, using energy saving bulbs, asking guests to re-use their towels to reduce laundry load, reducing paper usage etc.

Employees receive full training on the correct processes and the company can collect fines if they are not implemented correctly.
Taking care of our planet is becoming more of an ethical issue day by day. By making it known that the business is dedicated to helping the environment, it shows care and the guests respond to this by using Premier Inn hotels. Economical

Businesses have to react to the demand of customers as well as the actions of their competitors. Premier Inn’s room rate for each hotel fluctuates daily according to competitor prices, forecasted demand for rooms (taking into account events in the area, time of year etc) and also the state of the economy at the time.

The main aim is to charge the highest price possible while keeping the hotel running at full occupancy. This is a difficult balancing act, for which a whole team is dedicated.
Social & Technological
In organisations like Premier Inn, which deal with people day-to-day, it is important to follow social trends in order to attract the desired customers. All Premier Inns across the UK are currently undergoing refurbishment in order to bring them all up to the same standard. They are being fitted with large flat screen televisions and more modern paintings, among other things. Loading…In some of the newly built hotels, a remotely controlled “hub room” is being trialled in an attempt to get ahead of the other hotel chains with regards to technological advances

Premier Inn also uses well-known and liked celebrities such as comedians Lenny Henry in its adverts and David Walliams at public speaking events. The idea being, that people tend to approve of brands that are supported by the celebrities they admire.

Businesses have to comply with certain laws and regulations in order to continue to operate. With use of trade unions becoming more common and the Internet making it easy for customers to learn their rights, it is crucial for businesses to make sure they are doing everything right to avoid complications.

The hotels are audited at least once a year in three different sections and then some will get an additional audit if they are picked at random or if they are struggling in a particular area. If they do not pass, the business
is at risk of being shut down.

A financial auditor checks the previous year’s paperwork and makes sure everything is there, has been filled in correctly, and has been filed in the correct place. Premier Inn is required to keep customer registration slips, discount and refund information, daily banking sheets, stock order forms etc. A CMI auditor deals with the hygiene and safety aspects of the business. Staff are required to record information in a “Kitchen Record Keeping Book” on a daily basis. Information such as: food temperatures, wastage, fridge and freezer temperatures, cleaning chemical usage, cooking times, and so on. Management are required to carry out risk assessments, train employees on health and safety at work, fire evacuation procedure etc and all of these documents need to be at hand for assessment by the auditor. A room auditor will stay overnight at the hotel and act as a guest. They check a number of rooms and public areas, test appliances, test housekeeping chemicals and also mark the hotel on staff service and appearance. The housekeepers employed by Premier Inn receive thorough training on how to clean the rooms. Only tested and approved chemicals are allowed on site and housekeeping management are vigilant in correct use of these products as improper use can have harmful effects and this is very serious. Loading…Organisational Structure (Basic)

Ops director
Working together
All of the functions within this structure work together moving towards the same business goals. Premier Inn has a tall organisational structure meaning while the manager of each site is in charge of the operations; they also have a large support network. Depending on the complexity of a problem, the employee can contact the person at the appropriate level of the structure, for help and advice. Members of higher management make themselves available at all times.

The company intranet is easily accessible to every member of staff and has information on all aspects of Premier Inn working life, from legal documents
to general advice. Each section has an allocated expert and a “chat function” so that employees can make contact easily. For information on new changes, a message will scroll along the bottom of the workers computer screen which, when clicked, will link them to the appropriate page on the intranet. This is the communication channel that is most used by divisions of Whitbread. Whitbread Chief Executive Managing Director Business Development

director HR
Director Premier
Inn chief
officer Finance
director Marketing and
director Head of
F&B Head of
Sales Ops director
(Central) Ops director
(South) Loading…The intranet also has a list of all site emails and telephone numbers in case information needs to be shared. Head office will send out posters and a generic email well in advance of new promotions, offers etc and will often organise meetings or courses for further training or discussion when necessary.

Premier Inn likes to show they care and this is a big part of the culture image they aim to portray. The way they do this is detailed in three parts on the Whitbread employee website as part of their “Good Together” program. (http://whrtube.com/pages/good-together/home)

Team and community
Premier Inn offer apprenticeship programs and the “shooting stars training program” (detailed previously) and encourage employees to further their education and aid them in progressing to a higher level within the business.
Members of staff are offered shares at a discounted rate by joining the “Whitbread sharesave scheme”. Employees can enjoy a 20% discount and can earn a profit from the successes of their employer.

By keeping staff content, the business runs smoothly. Staff are likely to work harder to reach the businesses goals and objectives if they are able to enjoy some of the rewards.
Premier Inn is actively trying to reduce its impact on the environment by lessening their use of gas, water and electricity, and recycling where possible. The business has been recognised in the news for its success in lessening its effect on the environment and this is a good advertisement for the company. The business is also making huge efforts to raise money for their chosen charity “Great Ormond Street Hospital”. One Million Pounds has been raised so far and they have increased awareness of what the charity does for families in need.

By adjusting its behaviour to show a caring side to such a large company, Premier Inn becomes more likeable and their customer base widens leading to more profits.
Customer wellbeing
Premier Inn keeps the guest at the heart of everything they do. Employees are encouraged to go the extra mile to impress customers and build strong relationships. Focusing on the “guest obsession” is a main part of Premier Inn working life. The business makes its culture known to employees straight away at interview level and makes sure to give constant reminders of the Loading…image Premier Inn is attempting to project. This is done through training days, rewards for good service, posters etc.

Premier Inn employees have strict uniform rules as opposed to guidelines. Every part of the uniform is ordered from the same company and must be worn in the same way by each employee without any variation. There are guidelines, which are strongly enforced in relation to hair and makeup style, nail varnish, jewellery etc. This inflexible design idea continues into the bedrooms where equipment, layout, and colour scheme are all
identical where possible. Whitbread claim to “make life better for their customers by providing goods and services they can trust” and Premier Inn is often chosen before other cheaper hotel brands because of this.

Support from Human Resources (for the business)
The Human Resources (HR) department make their decisions in line with the business strategy. Everything they do must be linked back to the organisations goals and objectives.
The responsibility of employee selection falls on the manager in charge of that site but the human resources department are able to assist with the recruitment process by sharing their expertise and helping with the planning. With this support, the interviewer then ensures that the potential employee is willing and able to do all they can to support the business in reaching its objectives by assessing their attitude, previous job history, references etc. Rewards

The HR department is responsible for distributing rewards to members of staff. The managers at each individual Premier Inn set their own targets and offer monthly bonuses as an incentive for employees to excel in their job. All premier Inn hotels also nominate a “heartbeat hero” each month who receives a £25 gift voucher and has the opportunity to dine with the main operations managers.

The Human Resources team must make sure to issue the rewards on time and at the correct amount in order to keep staff morale high. By treating their employees well and giving them a chance to mix with higher management, it shows that Premier Inn really value their workers. When staff feel good, they pass this feeling onto the customers, giving them a good impression of the company overall.

Training and Development
HR are in charge of staff development. Premier Inn has designed a shooting stars program for any employees who would like to develop a career with the company. There are three stages: Bronze, silver and gold. The HR
Loading…department organises training days across the UK and regularly checks on student progress by email.

Human Resources also play a big part in the organisation of employee education. They arrange for implementation of courses and training days for launches of new processes, making sure all employees have a good understanding before the changes are put into operation. Employees are able to support the company goals more effectively with a better understanding of how the business operates and why the objectives have been decided. Support from Human Resources (For managers)

Managers at Premier Inn hotels are responsible for recruitment and selection, appraisals, employee discipline, etc as they do not have a HR representative on hand to deal with such matters. Usually, managers have enough general knowledge of working practices and are able to supervise their staff with no issues. However, with more complex issues, the Human Resources department will need to be consulted. HR help management in a number of ways: – The HR team are contactable by telephone should anyone need guidance or advice. A representative is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week via their helpline. Managers can also make use of the “chat function” on the Premier Inn intranet.

– There are guidance documents viewable on the company intranet, which were produced by the HR department. These documents are constantly added to and amended.
– HR often organise refresher-training sessions for members of Premier Inn management keeping their knowledge up-to-date with changing laws and regulations.

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