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Unexpected Love In My Life

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It was a dreadful horrific day. I felt like I wanted to cry when I recall what happen to her. I could not have wish more from her. But fate had played it role. It all started when I first entered a very prestigious school in town. The scene is cold. Cold glance, cold shoulder and everything that have to do with cold. I started to pity the students, carrying books here and there. They have no life! I started to worry about myself.

What if I become one of them?! Students that are trapped in a lifeless shell! I guess I was too harsh on making my assumption on my first day of school there.

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Unexpected Love In My Life
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So I decided to get to know one of the students, which is less book and more social. On that time, I saw her. She was the cutest girl I had ever met. She has a pink cheek with a narrow killer eyes that will melt your heart on first glance.

A sweet little smile with a very attractive fangs. A less timid girl that I can approach and befriend with. I was nervous and started to think a million way to approach her. Crazy thinking started to pop-up in my mind. What if she hated boys? What if my face is too scary and make her scream on top of her lungs? What if her boyfriend sees us and beat me up outside the school?

My mind was full of speculation. So I decided to go for a simple approach. No gimmicks, no flowers or no whatsoever. As soon as I entered the class, there she was, sitting elegantly. A light from heaven shined on her and as if a bird was putting a bracelet around her neck. Of course, it was only my imagination. I walked passed her and she stopped me to a halt by standing in front of me. I almost grabbed her private part. “You are the new kid right? Hi, really nice to meet you. Really hope we can be friend soon. ” There I was, thunderstruck. She offered her hand for a handshake.

She was different from any girls. She was much braver from any other. “My name is Heidi by the way. What’s yours? ” I was stammering. Still in shocked from what had happen. “I…I’m Elliot. Nice to meet you Heidi. ” I put up a fake smile and try to put myself up together. “Hope to know you very soon Elliot. Can I just call you Elly instead? It sounded much cuter and simpler. There’s a sit behind that you can take. If you having problem there, just tell me okay, Elly? ” With that, she left me to my sit. I was so grateful on that moment. Now that I do not need to say those crappy salutation anymore.

On my first recess, I looked for Heidi to ask her about how things go in the school. Then I found her laughing wildly with her other friends in the canteen. I liked her way. She saw me and started to walk towards me. She asked me if I need anything. So I asked her if she can give me a little bit of info about how the students are around the school. There was the geeks, the nerds, the athletes, the fabulous nerds and tonnes other categories. So my first impression was seventy percent right. Most of the students there are losers! Later that afternoon, when everyone is eager to go home, I tried to ask Heidi for her phone number.

When I was just about to speak, she handed me and unevenly torn piece of paper with numbers on it. “Here’s my phone number. Just text me if you have anything to ask about school. ” With that, the school bell rang, signing the end of school session. Heidi bid me goodbye and gave me a warm cutest smile. I was getting worried. Why was she so kind to me and why is she so different from others? It is as if, she was in her own category alone! But then, my man instinct told me that she was naturally like that and made me stop thinking bad about her. That night, on my bed with my favourite blanky on me, I stared on my phone.

Her phone number was on the screen. My eyes kept scanning the numbers as if it will magically change to a different font. My heart started to thump wildly when I recall her sweet little smile. Right there, I realise that I had fallen in love. I threw my phone away and started my journey on a thousand dreams of Heidi. I slept great. The next morning in school, I found a letter in my drawer, It was from Heidi. It reads: “Hi Elly. You must be wondering, why did I sent this letter when I can just text you. Well, I am more fond of old school type of life. Where people put talcum powder on their love letters instead of perfumes.

Writing instead of typing. Playing instead of watching. So the next time you want to give me a love letter, put it into an envelope instead of texting me. Haha. xD Just kidding. The next time you text me, don’t be shock if you found a reply letter on your desk. ” As I ended the last word of the letter, I looked at her and saw her smiling to me and gave me a wink. My heart drops, seeing her winking at me. After a few days, we started to become closer with each other. I was getting comfortable with her. Every night, we will text each other and every now and then, she would just reply my text with a letter in my drawer.

Sometimes, I ponder about her. It is like I could not make heads or tails of her. She is so unpredictable and will keep surprising me. A few weeks after my first day of school, I was getting comfortable around the school. Even though the nerds are always around to force me to pursue in their nerdy-awkward clubs, Heidi would always be there to save me from them. I was very grateful. The students there were not really that scary when I got used to them. My friends were increasing from the past week. But of course, Heidi was the one I treasured the most. From our conversation through thousands of text messages, I got to know her better.

I knew that she had lost her brother in a car accident when she was only eight years old. I knew that she was not taken by any other man that time, that is the most crucial part. But there is one problem. Heidi was not really interested in any kind of relationship rather than friendship. So I tried my best to win her heart without making her notice it. It was hard. I tried becoming a little bit more caring towards her. Sometimes, my manhood will tell me to sweet talk her. But it would always ended up embarrassing. So my sweet talk would normally work in text.

Sometimes, I would just write her a poem on a piece of paper and seal it with an envelope. Weeks turns to month. I decided to propose Heidi in an evening walk at the park. The walkway was clean and white. Surrounded by a wide grass patch that stretch up to hundreds of meters away. The ducks were swimming on the calm water of the. The wind was blowing soft. It was the perfect moment to propose. A romantic orange evening at the park. We found our self a nice bench to sit. Facing towards the calm water of the lake. Our conversation was long. It is like a never ending story. “How is your mother doing?

I heard that she was not feeling that well. ” I asked her. Trying to look like a true gentleman and a caring person. “She is getting better now. How did you know by the way? Did you stalk me?! ” She put up a serious face then laughed. I tried to answer it the best I could. Covering up what I was really doing. Stalking. “It is just me. You know that I’m a caring person right? ” I gave her a flirting smile. My face looked stupid and we laughed out loud together. I grabbed her soft palm and slowly lift it up. She looked nervous and so do I. Her pink cheeks are turning red. She looked even more beautiful under the evening sunlight.

My heart thump like a drum. I stared right on her eyes. It look round now rather than narrow. I hold her palm with both my hands. “Heidi, I have a confession to make. Before you say anything, please hear me. ” I paused for a little while. My eyes focused on her. Waiting for any reply. She did not. I continued. “Since the first time I met you, I had always attracted to you. Despite the fact that I’m in a school full of boring people, I still can find someone that really can make me happy and that is you. You are different and nobody would be as perfect as you. You are like a pearl in a sea of coal.

Awhile after that, I realised that I had fall for you. It was agonizing to fall in love but could not express it. So whatever your answer after this, it would be just fine. Even if you reject me. Heidi, would take me as your loving boyfriend, to love and to hold, in ease or sickness, till dead do we apart? ” She was astonished. Her red face started to cool off. Her eyes became watery all of the sudden. She was speechless at first. Then, she responded. “I do. ” She smiled and a drop of tear fell from her eyes. Rolling on her cheeks. She gave me a hug, trying to cover her tears, I pretended not to know.

My heart beat fell. I was the happiest man on earth. I looked at the evening sky as the sun setting down, I smiled and hug her back. Ever since that day, we are the craziest couple in school. We had fun together and she would always be happy when we were together and so do I. Our relationship was not really like a fairy tales. There were times that we would fight and sometimes, it could be so tense until one of us had to go down on our knees. Ego was usually the cause of it. But, even with the fights that we had gone through, we still can love each other. Throughout our relationship, I had the chance to meet her parent.

It was nerve wrecking. But surprisingly, they welcomed me like I was already in the family. I was happy. A spark of hope lighted in my heart. Heidi could be the love of my life. But, it is still too early to say as such. She had not met my family yet. I was afraid that my family would scold not only me, but the both of us. So I kept delaying the time. Hoping that my family would be more open. It was the semester holiday and I asked Heidi to go for a date that night. We went to an Italian restaurant in town. I guess , it would be the best, but Heidi was not so happy. She thought it was just a waste of money.

But I did not bother to argue and just force her to go. The restaurant looks exclusive. The ceiling was decorated with angel paintings and a big chandelier suspended from it. It glows with an orange light, making the atmosphere even more romantic, accompanied by the soft music playing. We ordered our food and started chatting. “You never mentioned about your family to me Elly. ” My brain was stuck for a while. Surprised by the statement. “It is not that I don’t want to tell you about my family. But I figure that it would be best if you get to know them later. ” She started to frown.

And I know, that is a very bad sign. “When will I meet them then? Till when will you want to wait? I want to know your family opinion about us. I need to. ” I kept giving her excuses. We were getting louder and the other customers started to give attention. I stopped our argument and just proceed with our dinner. It was the worse date ever. The night ended quick and I sent her home. Her words kept ringing in my ears. I was worried. I kept thinking about. The next morning, I saw her in the class. She did not look happy seeing me. I walked to her and apologise. “I’m sorry for last night.

I know I was wrong. I promise you that I will bring you to my family next week. Please smile to me. ” I pleaded. She smiled then she laughed. I was very happy, even though I had to face my parent with her next week. I put up a fake smile to her just to look convincing. Days passed and it was D-day. I had to pick up Heidi from her house to meet my family. Every second on the way, my heart beats faster and faster as I gotten closer to her house. I imagined my dad would just shout in front of us. It would be so embarrassing. As I reach her house, I can see many peoples around it. I had a bad feeling.

As I walk up the steps, I saw a stiff body lying. Heidi’s mother saw me. I asked her what had happened. “They did not told you, didn’t they? ” Her eyes were red from tears and her hands were trembling. “She committed suicide last night. ” As the words pour from her mouth, I fell on my knee and started to crying. My face was. My brain was blank. I was not sure what to do. Heidi’s mother usher me in and I saw her dead body lying. It was saddening. She had hanged herself. I felt guilty because of not becoming a perfect boyfriend to her. Many ideas pop-out from my mind. Why did she committed suicide?

I kept blaming myself. She has gone. Out of my life. Few months later, a new girl came into the class. Her face resemble Heidi so much. She made me fall in love to her even though she was much quite and a little timid than Heidi. She was my girlfriend until to this very day and tomorrow, she will become my wife. Here I am, sitting next to Heidi’s grave. The single tree in front of us blocked the setting sun ray. It reminds me of the day I proposed to Heidi. The wind is blowing, my tears started to fall. Hoping for Heidi to come back even though it is impossible and to this day, I do not know why she did it.

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