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Coca Cola is a global leader in the production of soft drinks and has a wide market all over the world. As a result of competition, counterfeits, and diverse population, the company has to remain dynamic and diverse. Coca Cola’s workforce is motivated, and the company has developed unique demographic factors such as the Coca Cola Business Strategy and the Coca Cola Advertising Campaign to remain competitive. The company promotes local people in employment and ownership of the franchise and sources raw materials locally. Coca Cola has also involved itself in international expansion to broaden its market by opening franchises in foreign countries. The company understands the importance of a good working relationship with its workforce and customers, and its advertising campaign has been creative and appealing to all age groups, political preferences, religious beliefs, and cultures. Management has to embrace a customer-oriented advertisement and branding to achieve the desired results. To avoid conflicts, the management should involve the workforce, foster better relationships with citizens of each country, and research advertising slogans. The material used should also be appealing to employees and customers. In conclusion, Coca Cola has tried to motivate its workforce and promote local employees and customers to achieve its objectives.

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Coca cola is the world leading soft drink producing company. It has a wide market all over the world and also has a wide motivated staff.

In the world full of competition, counterfeits and a population with different tastes, beliefs and economies, an organization has to keep abreast with the changes and developments so as to remain competitive. The workforce has to be dynamic and diverse. They have to develop, sustain and manage unique demographic factors in the planning and decision making. Some of the unique demographic factors developed by Coca Cola Company are; The Coca Cola Business Strategy and The Coca Cola Advertising Campaign among others (Rahim, 2001)).

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            The Coca Cola Business Strategy is an aggressive move so as to maintain its market lead. Its advancements in bottling technology have improved efficiency and product quality. The bottling companies are owned, managed and operated by independent individuals with the mother company only selling syrup concentrates to them. This makes the locals to feel they own the company and thus support it. The workforce is also local thus understanding the operating environment and the market. Coca cola has also been involved in international expansion to broaden its market by opening other franchise in foreign countries. The Coca Cola Company understands that it is operating on a global and cultural diversity and its relationship with its employees and customers is paramount. Thus its management has been tailored to embrace good working relationship with its workforce.

The Advertising Campaign has been another unique demographic factor by Coca Cola Company. They have come up with advertisements that are appealing to all age groups, sex, political preferences and religious beliefs among others. The advertisements have been more creative. This has enabled Coca Cola to enter and win new markets as well to win back lost customers. Coca Cola ads feature in many films, television programs, sports sponsorships among others. With this they are able to reach a wide market. In order to achieve the defined objectives and optimum desired results the management in its planning has no choice but to embrace a customer oriented advertisement and branding.

Due to its ambitious programs, organizational conflicts may arise. Open door policy should be used in decision making and in policy formulation. To avoid organizational conflicts the management should involve the workforce in its business strategies (Lowe, 2009). They should also foster better relationship with the citizens of each country by acting on feedbacks and complains.

Since regions are diverse the advertising slogans should be well researched to avoid any conflicts. Different departments may also have varied opinions or approaches to advertisement. To avoid this management should involve all. The material used should also be appealing to the customers and the employees.

In order to achieve its objectives, Coca Cola Company has very much tried to motivate the different groups in view of the unique demographic factors above. In its Business Strategy, Coca Cola Company has really promoted the local people in employment and ownership of the franchise. Thus the staff is motivated. Most of Coca Cola advertisements are locally made by individual bottling companies with an international taste and standards. This promotes local employees and customers. Apart from the concentrate syrup coming from the mother company all other raw materials are sourced locally by individual companies.

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