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Unit 10 health and social care P1

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P1 – Outline why children and young people may need to be looked after away from their families.

Children and young people under the care and supervision of a local authority are referred to as ‘look after children’. Those are children that are following the imposition of a care order by the court, or by agreement with their parents. The local authority has responsibilities and duties towards a child who is being looked after. Children that are being look after either remains at home with their families, receiving support from social work services to address the issue or they are placed with foster carers in residential settings.

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Unit 10 health and social care P1
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There are many reasons and different situations in which unable children and young people to live at home with their family, for example, if the parents cannot guarantee the basic needs of the child, because according to the Children Act 1989, parents should guarantee the safety and welfare of the child. If the parents lack the ability of parental skills it can affect the child development.

As well some parents do not know how to separate issues that they might have at work or in a relationship, and the child can be affect by it.

Another reason why children should be look after is if they are consider being in risk of harm or neglect. This include domestic abuse, substances misuse and parental mental health, this can affect a parent’s ability to care appropriately for their children. Children and young people who have special needs require more attention and special care, some parents are not able to provide these support for their child, because sometimes they have a low income and cannot provide everything the child might need to survive also they might not have enough time to spend taking care of the child, who in this case need a lot of attention.

Children that are experiencing any type of abuse at home. It can be emotional abuse, which involves telling the children they are worthless or unloved. Or physical abuse, hurting or injuring a child by hitting, shaking or burning. Also sexual abuse, forcing the child or young person to take part in sexual activities. Another reasons why children and young people should be look after are if is a loner care who need to go hospital for a period of time, because they have a serious injury or they might be very sick and cannot take care of the child properly. Also Children that committed an offence, if they are having problems with the police or if they are taking drugs or alcohol. The immigration status of the family it is another reason, because children and young people in immigrant families have less access to health care. Children that are being looked after have the right to know and understand and get advice about what it is happening to them. Some children stay in care for short, some of them stay for longer periods. Some of them return home, or are adopted or they remain looked after until they reach adulthood.

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