The Law egg Sex Discrimination Act

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The text explores a range of policies and procedures in various services, covering equal opportunities, grievance procedures, workplace bullying and harassment, anti-discrimination policies, collection and monitoring of equal opportunities data and complaints, as well as complaint-handling processes for service users. It also addresses diversity issues related to employment in public services, efforts to develop a diverse workforce through recruitment and staff selection strategies, provision of support mechanisms like staff unions, associations, and federations to meet employees’ needs, and the potential impact on individual beliefs arising from public service work. Furthermore, it introduces a case study on positive action within the Humidifiers Fire and Rescue Service. This case study examines both the positive and negative effects of implementing positive action policies. Positive action refers to the recruitment of firefighters from under-represented groups in society such as women, ethnic minorities, gay individuals, people with disabilities. Such actions are permitted by legislation such as the Sex Discrimination Act , Race Discrimination Act ,and Disabilities Discrimination Act . Currently,the Fire and Rescue Service comprises 97% white males despite society being made up of approximately 52% women and 48% men. The objective is to establish a fire service that reflects the diversity found within society.

At Humidifiers Equality and Diversity Officer Evening and weekend awareness courses, there is an opportunity to ask questions of minority officers. This could potentially lead to more ethnic minorities considering a career in the fire service and feeling able to get information and advice about it. However, this may also cause white men to feel discriminated against, as mentioned in a Telegraph article about Avon Fire Service. There is a possibility that the wrong person may be chosen for a job solely based on their minority background. Open days are held to provide opportunities for minorities to learn more about the Fire and Rescue Service. Additionally, an equality and diversity officer actively promotes the recruitment of minorities on a daily basis.

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Regarding the Army Equal Opportunities Policy 2000, positive action has positive and negative effects. Individuals from different religious backgrounds can join the army while still practicing their faith. This includes provisions such as specialist food, daily prayer when it is safe, celebration of holy days, and Sikh men being allowed to wear turbans. The negatives of positive action in the army may include white British men feeling like they are receiving special treatment and the potential for the enemy to target individuals wearing turbans more easily. Generalizations made by white British individuals about different faiths can also lead to increased racism due to treating minorities differently.

More costs associated with preparing and ordering specialist food, holy festivals, and prayer may not always be practical. This can help ensure that the Army has a diverse workforce, as it may attract more people from different religions to join the army.
Task 3 (AS) deadline: Choose the Army or the Fire and Rescue Service to research, including recruitment policies, which public service aims to reflect society.
– Use bullet points from case study
Task 4 (UP) deadline: Research what policies the chosen public service has to combat under-representation, such as respecting different religions, food, clothing, prayer, open days, and information services.

Essential content – 3 bullet points for each side heading – in a spider diagram
Equality of service:
– Services to individuals; Come to emergency calls e.g. 999, fire, road traffic crash, chemical spillage, rescue
– Home visit to check for fire safety
– Provide advice

Same applies to businesses statutory requirements;
– There are laws to ensure the minimum standards of service are provided
– Accessibility by users; All users must be able to fully access fire service premises e.g. disabled, mobility impaired
– Fire makes special plans to help all users

Leaflets, websites, information must be made available in a variety of formats e.g. Braille, languages, video, talks, home visits recognizing needs of citizens as individuals and groups

Fire Service has policies to ensure all needs of all groups can be met.

Task 5 (UP) deadline (Evidence = Individual written document).

POI Provide examples of how public services ensure equality of service to all citizens. Analyze the effectiveness of methods used by public services to promote equality and diversity in society and within the service. Review case studies from Task 2 and answer specific questions related to the positive and negative impact of these policies on recruitment and retention. Consider both short-term and long-term effects. Deadline: Task 6 (MM)

Write a summary and conclusion for MM, assessing whether these policies have a more positive or negative effect on recruitment and retention in public services. Express your own opinion and provide recommendations for future actions by public services. Deadline: Task 7 (DO)

Overall, evaluate the policies implemented by public services to ensure equality of service to all citizens and their impact on recruitment and retention. Provide your opinion and recommendations for future actions. Length: 1 side minimum.

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