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Description of Business Shady Egg Supply (EKES) will be a sole trader business involved in the production of eggs for the people of Bonham Spring bakeries, restaurants, supermarkets etc. EKES will purchase young layer chick and feed from North Agric-Supplies. We pride ourselves in providing quality eggs and outstanding services to our customers. Justification of Location The EKES farm will be located in the rural area of Exchange.

Reasons for locating the EKES farm in Exchange are; It will be more environmentally friendly since there is more land space to rear chicken and less people round hence the dour of the chicken coops will be of minimal effect. The consideration of adequate infrastructure is necessary since the chicken needs proper lighting and water supply. Electricity and water supply is readily available in exchange however in case of problems EKES will have a generator for electricity and a tank for water supply.

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VA liability of Customers and qualified worker in exchange and nearby locations. Therefore, it will be of easy access for both the customers and its employees. Selection of Appropriate Labor At EKES a total of (4) four persons will be employed. There will be both skilled and unskilled workers within the organization to include: The manager who will be responsible for the supervision of subordinates, ensuring they are punctual, properly attired and are customer friendly.

The manager will handle all cash and credit transactions and perform all related clerical duties. The Delivery person who will purchase raw material and deliver eggs to customers who request delivery. Two Farmers/Canners who will ensure the chicken coops are cleaned avoiding unbearable doors etc. Also to oversee the process of egg production and the maintenance of healthy chickens. Sources of Fixed and Working Capital EKES will use both fixed and working capital. A total of eighty thousand dollars (80,000) will be used to start the business.

The Fixed capital will be generated through bank loans (50%), in order to receive the loan EKES will use the land title of the business as collateral. The Fixed capital will be used to purchase and maintain the equipments that are used in the production process examples The Egg Packer (ESP. 30), Candler. The working capital will be generated through monetary gifts from family members (10%) and savings (40%). This will be used to buy raw material such as feeding, litter and manage debt and honor the obligation that the company makes as part Of its overall operations.

Roles of the Entrepreneur An entrepreneur is a person who uses his/her skills, talents and initiatives to set up and operate a business venture in the face of risk. The roles of the entrepreneur are conceptualizing, planning access funds, bearing the risk and reaping the profit or bearing the losses. (Define with use of note book) Type of Production EKES will be engaged in secondary production which is taking raw materials ND converting them into finished or semi-finished products. Raw material will be layer chickens which would produce eggs.

Therefore some examples of secondary production that the business will undergo are producing eggs for residents of Bonham Spring, bakeries and supermarket. Level of Products EKES level of production will be that of domestic, thus involves producing eggs and services for the local market in SST. Ann.’s Bay, Brown’s Town and Echo Iris. Quality of Control The quality control measures that EKES will undergo are providing clean litter in nest box therefore eggs will be in clean conditions, and the collection f eggs as frequently as possible to avoid the damage to eggs.

Use of Technology Various technological devices will be used at the business. These devices includes the Candler which is used to ensure interior quality of the eggs in terms of blood spots, cracks, developing embryos etc. Therefore ensuring that the eggs are of good standards and quality. The Egg Packer (ESP. 30) which is used to gently package eggs into 30 cells increasing the rate of production and reducing the chances of mistakes since the ESP. would pack the eggs instead of employees. Linkages EKES will be involved in both forward and backward linkages.

Forward linkage which EKES will be engaged in is producing eggs for residence of Bonham Spring restaurant, bakeries etc. , while the backward linkages will be North Agric-Supplies providing EKES with young layer chicks and feeding. Potential for Growth EKES hopes to grow both internally and externally in the future. The business will grow internally by upgrading and replacing where necessary the technologies, machines, furniture etc. The business also hopes to own its own vehicle, to make del Merits to take out customers.

The business will grow externally by having more branches across Jamaica and merging with other suppliers within the egg industry to export to other countries. Government Regulations The business will adhere to government regulations such as being legally registered and audited by the companies office of Jamaica, governmental zoning laws. Abiding by these laws will prevent sanction and closure of the business for improper conduct. Ethical Issue EKES will ensure there is no environmental pollution by proper streamlined where a contract will be signed with the National Solid Waste Company for amoeba.

All statutory deductions are paid over to the relevant governmental agencies. Complying with the environmental laws will prevent complication with the ministry of health which might lead to closure of the business if the problems are not corrected immediately. Paying over all statutory deduction to relevant governmental agencies will prevent paying it in the future, or the matter will be taken to court for further handling according to the laws governing taxation in Jamaica.

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