Vantage Point: An Analysis

Vantage Point: An Analysis

            Vantage Point was a mystery film that showed how an assassination attempt of the president of the United States of America was seen through the perception of eight people. Each perception was the key to unlocking the mysteries that unfolded in the assassination attempt of the president. Mystery was evident all throughout the film, especially during the scenes that involved car chases. Furthermore, the viewers are left at the edge of their seats, for no dull moment was spent. Each scene was important in finding out the answers to all of the questions raised in the film. The terrorists were killed in the pursuit to save the president, and to put an end to everything. Each answer surprised the viewers, including the connection that each vantage had with each other. In the end, the president was saved by his trusted agent, Thomas Barnes, and everything was put to an end.

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            Each movie has its own way of being remembered. Vantage Point has a way of showing the viewers how each and every one of us could be interconnected with each other. The power house cast that was included in the film added to the mystery of the story. As expected, Dennis Quaid, who played the role of Thomas Burne, was able to bring the story to another level. The intensity of his character was evident in his eyes, wherein people could see the tension that was building up in every scene. Each character was also supportive of one another, wherein they were able to compliment the roles. Forest Whitaker also brought much excitement to the film. Although he did not share many lines as that of Dennis Quaid and Matthew Fox, he was able to show his feelings and emotions through his facial expressions.

            Music was another factor essential in the film. The sound effects that were used all throughout the film made the viewers feel the intensity of each scene shown. Those of the scenes that involved car chases was another factor that music has contributed to. The viewers are able to experience the tension that was revolving around the characters of the film, through music. Furthermore, the viewers are also given the opportunity to think the way the characters in the film would.

            Cinematography, on the other hand, was the most essential contribution in the film. Not much special effects were used in the film, which made it more realistic. The camera shots used effectively showed how each character would see the pivotal scenes in the film. Let us say for example the scene wherein Enrique saw his girlfriend, Veronica, being hugged by Javier. This was also the angle scene by Lewis, but as we see the perception of the terrorist Javier, we are drawn to a conclusion that it was nothing romantic. The aerial shots shown in the film gave the viewers the idea that the setting of the film was big, and involved thousands of people. This would make the viewers become more in tune with the story, wherein they have a certain connection with the film.

            Forced perspective shots were also evident throughout the film, especially during the chases that occurred between the characters. These were accompanied by the pan shots during the scenes that involved car chases. In addition to this, I believe that the straight-angle shots used all throughout the film were effective in making the viewers feel as if they were the seeing the perspective of each character.

            For a new director, I must say that Peter Travis executed an impressive film. He was able to catch the attention of the viewers all throughout the film. In addition to this, he was able to make the viewers become interested in the film, at the same time attracting others. The curiosity that the film was able to leave to its viewers was also something to be considered. Making films is never easy, and there are certain aspects that had to be considered in each scene made.

Although the movie involved numerous hard-action scenes, the story was still present all throughout. Each scene was pivotal for the characters, for it brought the story closer to its end. Out of ten popcorn buckets, I would rate this film an eight.


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