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VARK Learning Style

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Learning style means the way one prefers to learn things. There are different ways of learning and one may choose the best that suits him/her. Learning strategy includes different methodology of learning, environment of learning such as light, noise in learning room, etc. There are different models of learning styles. The VARK model of Neil D Fleming, Honey and Mumford’s model, Sudbury model of democratic education, Anthony Gregorc’s model, and David Colb’s model are some to quote.

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VARK Learning Style
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Visual, auditory, and kinesthetic are the three basic types of learning style “The learning-styles view has acquired great in?uence within the education ?eld, and is frequently encountered at levels ranging from kindergarten to graduate school” (Pashler, McDaniel, Rohrer, & Bjork, 2008, page. 105). Learning Style and Learning Strategies My way of learning things is unique to me. Text books, notes, quiet and medium lighted place, desk and chair, paper and pen are part and parcel of my learning style. Listening to class room lecture comes at the first place of my way of learning.

My learning strategy begins with sitting in one of the front row seats of classroom. This helps me to listen to the lecture and look to the visual presentation, if any, without any disturbance. This helps me to write down good class room notes. Reading these notes the same day stores in memory all that has been learned that day. For reading my preference is a quiet and medium lighted room. This enhances my concentration while studying. On weekends reading text book and taking notes make leaning easier for me.

Comparison of Preferred Learning Strategy with Identified learning Strategy Neil D Fleming is the designer of categorizing various learning styles into Visual, Aural, Reading/writing/ Kinesthetic (VARK) model. It helps students to find out their learning preferences, by finding out how they react to certain situations in life, through questionnaire. The VARK questionnaire result identified my learning strategy preference as a multimodal. A multimodal preference includes Visual, Aural, Reading and writing and Kinesthetic strategies. Multimodal preferences dominate the database for all populations and it is clearly the most used set of preferences when making decisions about learning. Usually one third of respondents are in the four-part VARK set and another large group are in the three and two-part modalities” (Fleming, n. d, para. 2). VARK result identified reading/writing, kinesthetic and aural strategies as my first three learning strategy preferences respectively. Last but least is visual strategy. This is almost the same with my preferred learning strategy, except the kinesthetic learning strategy.

Aural was my most preferred strategy though VARK identified it as my third preference. Aural study strategy includes attending classes, discussions and tutorials, discussing topics with teachers, explain new ideas to others etc. (Fleming, n. d) Reading/ writing is my second choice whereas VARK identified it as my first form of learning strategy. Reading/writing includes reading textbooks, readings – library, notes taken from class room, essays etc. (Fleming, n. d). My memory never allows me to accept kinesthetic learning strategy as a part of my learning style.

Kinesthetic strategy means doing some kind of physical activity while learning. Visual learning style such as charts, graphs, watching demonstrations etc. has never been an attractive form of learning for me. But that was my last preference. Appraisal for Making Change in Study Habits From the comparison above my way of learning things are not really different from the identified learning strategies. There is only one strategy, namely the kinesthetic, which lacks my approval. Any physical activity while learning has always resulted in decreased concentration in studies.

So any change in my present learning preferences is highly unwarranted. Studies have concluded that “that at present, there is no adequate evidence base to justify incorporating learning styles assessments into general educational practice” (Pashler et al. , 2008, p. 105). Conclusion To study well, learning styles contribute a great part. Every individual develop their own learning preferences and style from experience and experiments. VARK learning style assessment helps finding out learning strategies most suitable for each students. It is especially useful for those who do not have any kind of learning preference or strategies.

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