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Vasco Nunez Balboa was a Spanish explorer born in 1475 who sailed for Spain. He is most remembered for his expedition in 1513 to Panama in search of a new discovery to impress King Ferdinand. On this expedition, he found the Pacific Ocean and claimed it and all the land bordering it for Spain. Balboa died in 1519 after being charged with treason against Spain and was beheaded, despite being innocent and framed by a friend. The student believes that Balboa deserves to be honored and included in a new series of stamps featuring famous European explorers for his discovery of the Pacific Ocean and the land he claimed for Spain. The fact that Balboa was once featured on a stamp in 1513 is further reason to include him in the series, and the student suggests bringing back the design from that stamp to make the new stamp more historical and stimulating.

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Vasco Nunez Balboa, born in 1475 and died in 1519, was a significant explorer. Coming from a deprived Spanish family in Spain, he sailed for Spain. Balboa’s most notable expedition, which took place in 1513, involved traveling from Spain to Panama in search of a new discovery that would impress King Ferdinand. During the expedition, he discovered the Pacific Ocean and claimed both the ocean and the land surrounding it. Sadly, Balboa was falsely accused of treason against Spain and was executed by beheading in 1519. He was innocent but had been framed by a friend.

I believe that Vasco Nunez Balboa should be included in your new series of stamps showcasing renowned European Explorers. Balboa made significant contributions to his country by sailing and claiming land on its behalf. His noteworthy and unforgettable discovery of the Pacific Ocean deserves recognition. Additionally, it is only fair that Balboa is honored because, despite being innocent, he was falsely accused of treason against Spain and betrayed by a friend.

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Even though his untimely death is not our responsibility, I still believe that he is entitled to it and deserves to be commemorated for his groundbreaking discovery. I think all adventurers should receive some form of recognition and be celebrated for their findings, particularly Vasco Nunez de Balboa. Moreover, to further justify including Balboa on your upcoming stamp series, there were previously stamps featuring Vasco Nunez. These stamps were released in 1513, the same year when Balboa set sail with around ninety soldiers and Native American guides from the coastal city of San Blas, a part of present-day Panama.

In their quest for a rumored “great sea” to the south, the indigenous people finally arrived at the southern coast of the isthmus on September 13. They claimed ownership of the “South Sea,” which is now known as the Pacific Ocean, as well as all the surrounding lands for Spain. To honor this significant event, a stamp was created to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Balboa’s discovery of the Pacific Ocean. This stamp was designed in the same green color as other 1? stamps from that time period, making it one of the most visually appealing stamps in the collection.

Johl provides a wide range of shades for the stamp, ranging from yellowish to grayish to deep green. The rarity of First Day Covers featuring this stamp further emphasizes its significance. Adding Vasco Nunez de Balboa to your new series of stamps would be particularly meaningful, as he was previously featured on a stamp issued in 1513. By recreating the design of the older stamp, the new stamp would become more intriguing and reminiscent of stamps from 1513.

I believe Vasco Nunez Balboa should be included in your upcoming series of stamps showcasing renowned European Explorers. Balboa holds the distinction of being the first individual to locate and lay claim to the Pacific Ocean and all the territories adjoining it on behalf of Spain. This pioneering achievement warrants a fitting tribute, such as commemorating Balboa through a stamp similar to the one issued in 1513 which featured his likeness. Reintroducing the design from the 1513 stamp would amplify its historical significance and add an element of excitement. Regards, Brooke Dillenbeck

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