Rocky Balboa Stylistics Analysis

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Transcript of the movie scene will be used for his analysis as well. The aim Of this paper is to analyze the chosen scene with the focus on different linguistic segments which are interrelated. This analysis will be based on knowledge acquired from the Stylistic course. 2 Data and Method For this seminar paper I chose this particular movie scene because of the message that is conveyed through this scene and because I believed it would be very linguistically interesting for such analysis. Part of the whole conversation which is depicted in the scene presents highly motivational and inspirational speech of the movie protagonist. Rocky Balboa” is the sixth shiest grossing movie about boxing and it was also rated as the most successful starring role of Sylvester Stallion since 1993. I personally believe that this scene contributes to the overall success of the movie and that the words of this scene are known not only by the all Rocky fans but as well by the people who haven’t even seen the movie. At first I intended to analyze this motivational speech by itself without anything that would precede or follow after it. However, to make my analysis linguistically more interesting I decided to analyze the whole conversation which this speech is a part of.

To e able to analyze not only the audiovisual characteristics of this sample I included and decided to use transcript of the conversation which serves more or less only as fulcrum for the analysis of the chosen conversation. Since text of the transcript which can be found in actual movie script slightly differs from the audio discourse of the scene, I modified the transcript text so it corresponds with words spoken in the scene. 3 Analysis As already mentioned, I will analyze the audiovisual sample leaning on corresponding transcript of chosen movie scene.

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I will focus on register, grammar, morphology and syntax Of the discourse. This analysis will kook closely at the vocabulary and lexis present and it will try to reveal general discourse characteristics of chosen sample. Significant attention is paid also to Paraguayan. 3. 1 Register Register as segment that will be analyzed is divided into three subcategories: mode, field and tenor. Audiovisual sample can be considered to be the only primary source essential for this analysis since there is no original transcript that exactly corresponds with the video.

Transcript has been modified by me. The transcript may serene as source for citation if needed. This conversation resented in video was also intended to be seen and heard rather than read from movie script and therefore we may say that the mode of this sample is spoken. Field constitutes the second subcategory of register. The scene depicts the father and the son talking about family matters and social life. However, this conversation is depicted as raising all of the sudden and is unprepared, without any specific topic, thus we classify it as being of casual field.

Field is closely connected to tenor. The more specialized or technical field Of particular discourse is the more it is probable that tenor of that particular discourse is formal. It works also the other way around. Lower degree of formality is most of the time characteristic of casual field. It is the same in this case as well. The conversation between father and son is informal as it is also in actual life between close family members. Each of the participants of conversation represents different generation with age difference of 30 years.

Even though they are closely related their relationship seems to be eroding. Father is a famous and recognized sportsman, who is trying to make comeback to his boxing carrier after few years. His son is young man trying to establish his position and find the place thin society. He feels to be influenced by his fathers fame and blames his failures on him. Even though he seems to be strongly upset with his father, he is given speech full of kind words and advices. Their conversation is emotionally appealing and both of them are emotionally involved.

Both of the participants converse, express their attitudes and emotion, thus we may say that function of this discourse is expressive and apathetic. Part of the conversation, “5 Rocky” fulfils connotative communicative function, where father is giving advice to change his attitude towards life and where he asks him kindly to visit his mother. . 2 Phonology There are wearable changes of intonation patterns that also mark the functions of utterances e. G. Questions that are present as well as requests for confirmation have tendency to be rising in their intonation.

F-or instance in passage “3 Robert Jar. ” we may spot rising intonation in several places. Directives and assessments and acknowledgements have in contrary falling intonation and good example of this is “1 Rocky’. Both participants put stress on lot of words which actually indicates their emotional involvement and their effort to prove their point is valid. At the beginning of the whole conversation nee of the participants hesitates whether to start such serious conversation, hesitation therefore provides him little of thinking time or rather time to find courage.

Most of the conversation is fluent and turn-constructional units are latching, except one short pause before the turn-constructional unit of “5 Rock)/’ which provides to participant little bit of time to think about his respond and to regain himself. Participants are showing enough respect for each other in the way that they don’t interrupt others speech, thus there is no interrupting and overlapping talk. Alternation in the volume of speech can be spotted here. Rocky as well as his son change his volume of speech probably to enhance meanings of the utterances as it is for instance in “5 Rocky’, – that’s how winning is done. Or cowards do that and that anti you. You’re better than that. 3. 3 Morphology Type of turn-constructional units of this sample consist mostly of sentence or group of sentences, which is however not always easy to distinguish since there is no accurate transcript of the scene. As it was already mentioned conversation depicted in the scene is of casual field and informal tenor, it has natural speech flow, which basically means that sometimes it is difficult to pot beginning or the end of a sentence. Most of the verbs are of contracted form.

In spoken discourse it manifests as improper pronunciation because it involves elision of certain sound. In written discourse it is replaced by an apostrophe. This contracted verb forms are characteristic of informal speech or writings rather than formal. Such verbs can be seen in “1 Robert Jar. “, ? wonky. Living with you hasn’t been easy. This particular part is also good example of contraction of pronouns, when pronoun “you” is contracted into form of “y”‘ or “hay”. In “1 Rocky” we see violation of concord between subject and verb, ? it don’t eave to be. , instead of – it doesn’t have to be. Robert Jar. Alas about past, current situation and his expectation of future that makes him upset; therefore he uses mostly verbs of present simple egg. “1 Robert Jar. “, – people see me? But they think of you. , present perfect progressive as in “1 Robert Jar. “, – living with you hasn’t been easy. Future simple (going to) is exemplified in “3 Robert Jar. “, – its goanna end up bad for me. In “3 Robert Jar. “, – now I’m asking you as a favor. , we see manifestation of present progressive. Rocky tries to apologize for the past and later on he rises to inspire and motivate his son by short story of him growing up and advice for the life.

Simple past tense is used is “4 Rocky”, – that’s the last thing ever wanted to do.. In his advice for the son Rocky uses future simple tense (will) as in “5 Rocky”‘, it will beat you down to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it… Active voice is dominant in this sample. 3. 4 syntax It is not easy to comment on complexity of sentence structures since they are not easy to be recognized, which is as it was already mentioned caused by natural flow of speech and by its casual field. Contracted verbs and their ungrammatical forms like egg. N “5 Rocky”,- you anti goanna have a life. , together with violation of subject- verb concord cause utterances to be ill- formed. 3. 5 Lexis Since the field fifths sample is casual, vocabulary used by both participants is rather informal. Participants use lot of neutral words such as; people, world, name. Contacted verbs and pronouns belong to informal vocabulary. 3. 6 Discourse Conversation presented in video has two participants. They are in the relationship of father and son. The subject or topic of their conversation is not prepared in advance.

In their conversation one of the participants accuses or blames the other one for his failures. The other one, as his loving father, focuses on giving him helpful advice told through short story of his son’s life rather than on saying something on his own behalf. Father advises son to change his attitude towards life and tells him nice words full of love and emotional appeal. This conversation raises all of the sudden just like it is in our everyday life between family members. It is possible to find here one elocutionary act. It is included in son’s speech in “3 Robert Jar. “, – now I’m asking you as a favor..

In this sample we can see jugular alternation in turn taking where participants regularly switch their roles of speaker and hearer. In this case the basic requirement of efficient communication is fulfilled. Only one speaker talks at the time. There is no overlapping of turn or interruptions caused by speakers. Adjacency pairs of this conversation are not always of expected patter or form. For instance when son asks his father few questions and also asks for confirmation in “3 Robert Jar. “, – don’t you care what people think? Doesn’t it bother you that-that people are making you out to be a joke? ND I’m goanna be included in that? Do you think that right? Do you? Father instead of answering him all questions, starts telling his son’s life story. Story begins in “5 Rocky”, – you anti goanna believe this, but you used to fit right here, which in this case signals the beginning of the Story. “5 Rocky”,- I’d hold you up to say to your mother. ‘this kid’s goanna be the best kid in the world. This kid’s goanna be somebody better than anybody I ever knew. ‘, constitutes orientation of the story, where speaker uses direct speech, which in this particular case serves to make deeper emotional appeal on his son.

Complication of the story is contained in words of “5 Rocky’,- and you grew up good and wonderful. T was great just watching’ you every day was like a privilege. Then the time come for you to be your own man and take on the world. And you did. Resolution of this story is presented in “5 Rocky”,- but somewhere along the line. You changed. You stopped being you. You let people stick a finger in your face and tell you you’re no good.. “5 Rocky”,- and when things got hard? You started looking’ for something to blame. Like a big shadow may be considered to be evaluation of the story.

Story caught attention of his son, who stopped talking a carefully listen to his fathers further talking. Father than performs short motivational speech or his son with change in volume of his speech to enhance meaning of his words. He also tells him how he perceives him. Whole conversation started with audible inhalation of one of the participants which implies him thinking about starting the conversation. Conversation ends with one Of the speakers standing speechless while the other one after telling everything he wanted walks away, however not in angry manner.

Father enters the restaurant and looks back to his son who is looking back at him in tears in his eyes. From scene it is easy to see that father present positive face while his son wants to be respected as an independent individual and thus presents negative face. 3. 7 Paraguayan For this analysis I worked with audio visual sample lasting 3 minutes and 10 seconds which is actually an excerpt from color movie “Rocky Balboa”. Conversation takes place on the street most probably in the evening, since it is dark outside.

Both participants are walking down the street when all of the sudden one of them stops and start serious conversation. Because both realize seriousness of the conversation and their emotional involvement none of them is smiling or have happy expression in their face. Father has in his ace expression of disappointment probably because of the words he thought he would never hear from his son’s mouth. Son seems to be at first very angry, but later on when his father starts to talk he calms down and his face expression changes from angry to face expression of shame and guilt.

He probably realized that his father is not one to be blamed and he feels sorry for saying something like that. Even though they are of close family relationship they do not stand very close to each other. It indicates that their relationship may be eroding. Both Of them are using sharp movements with their hand to emphasize the meaning of their utterances. They keep eye contact, which shows that they carefully listen to what the other speaker says. There are no interrupting or disturbing elements around them. 4 Conclusion This paper was general analysis of sample chosen in advance.

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