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Vegan Helps the Environment

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    Not only does becoming vegan helps to solve global warming in Vietnam but it also can help reduce water pollution in big cities like Hanoi. Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam and is one of the most developed cities in Vietnam so its economic growth is rising fast but the environment surrounding it is getting worse and worse each day due to the water pollution that is caused by animal waste alongside antibiotics, growth hormones.

    I think that being a vegan helps the environment. Going vegan means that it can reduce the use of antibiotics, growth hormones and chemicals. In order to make more money, farmers use growth hormones and many other types of drugs to speed up the growing rate of the cattle. Farmers also give fish antibiotics to keep them alive longer and those strong antibiotics would enter our waterways and the human food chain causing a lot of damage. With the use of drugs in animals, people would eat them and consume little amounts at a time and overtime those small dosage would become big, causing us to have many kinds of diseases and food poisoning. It can also cause different types of pollution like water pollution, air pollution,… to solve this problem, I would make posters and try to raise an awareness on the harmful things that antibiotics, growth hormones, chemicals can do to us and the environment. Not only does it reduce the use of drugs but it can also reduce destruction of wildlife habitats and endangered species.

    The world is an amazing place with the diversity of animals living in it. But nowadays, many of those animals are on the verge of extinction due to the destruction of their habitats. This is happening because the increase in animal agriculture. Raising cattles can take up a lot of land and that means farmers have to cut down forest to free up land for their cattle. That also means destroying homes of many other animals in the process and causing a long-term harm on the wildlife. This will lead to unbalance in animals and biodiversity. For instance, if we kill predators only because we fear that they might kill our castle then the population of preys will increase as there will not be enough predators to kill them for food. That huge unbalance in animals will affect us more than when it was before. When one animal goes extinct then it would usually affect many other animals as well and eventually cause them to go extinct. For me, I would try to only consume enough meat that I need and not have any leftovers so I can save the animals from getting slaughtered. When I go camping or walking in the forest, I will try not to leave anything behind that might cause harm the homes of animals and not destroy thing along the way.

    I think that every action that we make is super crucial to the sustainability of the environment.

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