Being Vegan is Better

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Even though most of the population believes that meat is vital to human wellbeing and survival, it is in not in any way, shape, or form. Since childhood, most individuals are raised eating large amounts of animal products, focusing less on more beneficial nourishments like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. It is burned into their minds that they require meat for supplements, they require milk to develop and maintain strong bones, which plant-based diet is not sufficient and capable enough to do. All they know is what is taught by society, and since society underpins an omnivorous diet, most are afraid of deviating from the norm. For a long time, investigation has shown that the standard American diet, centering on massive amounts of meat, as well as meat products and less so on plant-based nourishments has negative effects on our wellbeing and health. A stronger alternative than the standard American diet is the vegan diet. Not only is going for the vegan diet much more beneficial for the human health, but it is also way better for the environment and maintainability, which is also more ethical.

The article “Vegetarian Foods: Powerful for Health” records and portrays the numerous diverse health benefits of taking on a vegan or at least a vegetarian lifestyle. The article states that, “Scientific research shows that health benefits increase as the amount of food from animal sources in the diet decreases, so vegan diets are the healthiest overall.” (Vegetarians Foods). How can animal products be fundamental or necessary if they are cancer causing? There are much more healthy benefits of being vegan. Animal products contain high levels of soaked fat and cholesterol, which on top of that are deprived of fiber and any other nutrients that increase your cancer risk. On the contrary, vegetables have much less fat and don’t contain any cholesterol; as an included advantage, vegetables are high in fiber which is why they fight off cholesterol. For these reasons, following a plant-based diet over a meat dependent-diet avoids heart infection and brings down the blood pressure. These are just a few advantages that come with removing animal products from your diet. With all the listed assets and the numerous more that veganism offers, people can live longer and more valuable lives.

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There will be more humans populating the planet if we start living healthier and long lasting lives. Within the article “Vegetarianism and Sustainability” Alexis Clarke talks about the ways in which changing diets can offer superior support to the environment for the nine billion individuals who will be living on Earth by 2050. With such massive amounts of individuals living, the world is creating more food than ever, yet there are still humans suffering from undernourishment all around the world. As many have heard and been cautioned for years, the world is running out of assets, counting land and water. This is the case because we are wasting valuable land and resources to produce animal products. As time goes by, people keep increasingly adding meat to their diets, which is why this increment is one of the huge factors contributing to misfortune of assets that are hurting to the environment. “The [Food and Agriculture Organization] has suggested that adopting a vegetarian diet is one option to increase the amount of water available to grow more food in an increasingly climate-erratic world” (Clarke). Rather than utilizing intemperate sums of water and arrive to develop grains and crops for bolstering creatures who are as it were being bolstered to at that point be slaughtered and eaten, individuals ought to utilize those assets to bolster themselves a plant-based eat less. This will cause less hurt to the environment as well as causing less hurt to the creatures themselves.

There are countless reasons as to why more individuals ought to become vegan or at slightest attempt cut more meat out of their diets. Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle can decrease any health risks or disease, while supporting your nutrient intake. Completely cutting down animal consumption from one’s diet can decrease the risk of food overproduction which is the easiest and most effective way to support a sustainable planet for future eras. Veganism right now is extremely crucial to our survival as a species.

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