Views about Euthanasia in Nowadays Society

The beliefs and views of our country are sometimes hypocritical and unjust. We have been educated with the idea that killing people is against our morality as well as our religious beliefs. However, there seems to be some instances when this rule does not apply. If one kills another in self-defense it is considered bravery, if a soldier kills an enemy in war it is considered courageous and honorable. On contrary, relieving a patient¡¦s pain and desperate suffering by ending a patient¡¦s life turns out to the human morality. The decisions that people make are always up for debate by anyone who has an opinion one way or another. The controversial issue of euthanasia has been going on for decades and as of nowadays, there is no end in sight. There are many views on the topic of euthanasia, some believe that decisions should be made of the patients¡¦ best interest, while others insist that men have the responsibility to prolong others¡¦ lives. Both sides have their own ideas to base upon, and this contradiction has brought along the topics for discussions. Some people believe that a person with an incurable disease or severe disability that turns life into pain or so burden that a meaningful and desirable existence has ceased, then this person should be allowed to die. Another argument is that the role of the physician is to do whatever is best for their patients. This could turn out to be a case in which a patient awaiting for death soon may be considered for euthanasia. The job of a physician should always be to help their patient in any way possible. It¡¦s the duty as a professional to heal, prolong life, and to reduce suffering. In some extreme cases when every other alternative is hopeless, the best that a physician can do would be to help a person hasten death in order to relieve the unnecessary suffering they would have to go through. Another argument supporting the use of euthanasia is that everyone would benefit if it were legal to show mercy when death becomes preferable over life. With that in mind one must look at the families and loved ones of those who wish to end their extreme suffering. This feeling of helplessness and despair would almost be unimaginable. Making anyone watch this while hoping for a quick end to his or her loved one’s suffering, would be wrong in itself. While the views of many people may be against the use of euthanasia, it sad to say that in all actuality it goes on almost everyday. Many people have heard of doctors who report that they have given heavy doses of morphine to relieve the pain and suffering of patients who are near an inevitable death. While doing this, the doctors know perfectly well what the ending result will be, to hasten death. Somehow this is right, since the goal of this is to ease the pain and not actually to kill the patient. But would it not also be right to do the very same thing with the goal of hastening death?

On the other hand, there are many more people who believe that euthanasia is wrong. The groups that are fighting against the legalization of euthanasia are conservative religious groups, medical associations, and groups concerned with disabilities. The religious groups feel that it is God’s place to decide the time and place of a person’s death, not your own. They feel that if someone goes against God¡¦s will, they are “playing God”. In that case on emust then reconsider the use of medication and treatment, because it is God’s will for that person to die. Anyone who makes this claim from a religious point of view must state when human action is supposed to encroach on divine power.

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The Medical associations have their own arguments against euthanasia. They believe that the Hippocratic Oath expressly forbids the giving of deadly medicine to anyone for any reason. Although the American Medical Association has condemned physician-assisted suicide as an unethical practice, the majority of doctors in some areas are in favor of this practice in extreme circumstances. They also agrees that in some cases a misdiagnosis could occur or a possible cure could be found. In this case, the physician would want to extend their patient’s life as long as possible. Another argument is that doctors might consider euthanasia as an alternative, thus becomes less obligated in doing their best in prolonging patient¡¦s life.

For the groups concerned with the disabled, they¡¦re afraid that as euthanasia becomes more common, doctors might eventually allow the killing of the handicapped or even the elderly. These concerned people think that without serious awareness, problems may arise sooner or later. These three groups have come up with there own defenses regarding the banning of euthanasia. Other people who are also against assisted suicide have their own beliefs on the matter. Some people believe that regardless of the justification one may have, no one has the right to take away other¡¦s live through active or passive practice of euthanasia. The emotional effects including depression, guilt, and some other results could last for years. How, then, would it justify for a person assisting suicide to be burdened with painful distress?

At this point in time, the debate on the issue of euthanasia is ongoing, and will continue to be as long as people stand by their own personal beliefs. If a patient wishes to end his or her own life with the help of another person, no one can judge them for choosing one way or another not knowing exactly what they are going through. Yet, if someone does choose to die, this person must determine if it is fair and just to ask someone to do such a life-altering task, while possibly causing serious emotional damage to all of the people around them.

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