Violation of Traffic Rules. Rage on the Roads.

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People these days can only handle so much until they’ve had enough, even patient ones. There’s always something going on in a person’s life where there in a hurry, or late for work, and they need to be at a certain place at a certain time. It all just varies in reasons and every person being different with different limitations on what they can handle. You just never know what could happen, or what situation you will end up in were road rage is a possibility of happening.

Everyday there is always a possibility of something going wrong on roads or streets. A car accident could occur and stop up traffic from five minutes to five hours “Still, tens of thousands of accidents happen each year because of aggressive driving”. When people have to sit and wait they begin to get agitated because other people are getting the same way, people honk horns, and try to cut in front of others and in the situation it’s only adding fuel to the fire. Every person is different and can only take so much before they have had enough. When they have had enough the anger and emotions will take over and they could possibly do something regrettable. There is nothing they can do about it except just sit there and wait it out or try to find a alternative route around.

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Getting to work on time is a big factor in road rage.”Anger can be very quick, powerful, reactive, and can make us do things we typically wouldn’t do”.When a person can’t get to his/her job on time it not only gets them in trouble with there boss, but also they have missed that work time. When that happens what they should have been doing isn’t going to get done which puts them behind in work and makes it worse. Now that they have got this road rage they are going to bring the rage and bad attitude to work, and it’ll make everyone else in a bad mood and in all have a really bad day. All because of something that they couldn’t control and let get the best of them.

Road rage is most commonly occurring when someone is driving ironically, and not paying attention and causes another driver to risk their property (the vehicle being driven) to not be hit. The emotions of the driver driving the right way could heat up, causing anger, and aggression which would make them drive in a bad manner causing even more wrong, “NHTSA defines aggressive driving as occurring when “an individual commits a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property”. When the wrong person has road rage it could ultimately end up being really bad. They could try to get back at the driver in the wrong putting several others in danger, causing more damage then what was already happened, making it the worst possible thing.

Today’s society has a limit to so much they will take from other people especially when there trying to get or be somewhere at a certain time. You never know what the day holds on the roads, or streets and an accident can always occur without a moment’s notice. An individual’s job is very important to them so when another person is interfering with them getting there it becomes a problem and they in fact will get road rage and be angry. So most patient people get road rage for numerous reasons and it’s not necessarily them just the situation they may happen to be in, and what’s going on. Just have to make the best of it and do whatever you can to stay calm.

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