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Volleyball Research Paper Volleyball perhaps one

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Volleyball Essay, Research Paper

Volleyball, possibly one of the most widely known athleticss in the universe, is, like many other athleticss, one that had really low beginnings, but blossomed into a craze that swept across the United States and the universe in the infinite of a few old ages.

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Volleyball Research Paper Volleyball perhaps one
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In Holyoke, Massachusetts in 1895, a adult male named William G. Morgan ( the P.E. manager of the local YMCA ) was looking to make a game for the business communities that wouldn t require much physical contact.

He blended elements of many athleticss and came up with a game that he called Mintonette ( Encarta ) . The term volleyball was coined when person remarked that the ball was being volleyed back and Forth ( no-brainer, huh? ) , and the first official game of volleyball was played on Tuesday, July 7, 1896 at Springfield College ( volleyball.org ) . Small did William cognize what he had started & # 8230 ;

Over the following 10 to twenty old ages, the game of volleyball spread like wildfire throughout the universe, peculiarly in 1919 when the American Expeditionary Forces were given 16,000 volleyballs which gave rise to the athletics in many foreign lands.

Finally, it became so popular that the International Volleyball Federation ( FIVB ) was founded in Paris in 1947 ( volleyball.org ) , and subsequently moved to Lausanne, Switzerland ( Encarta ) . Membership was little at first, but now it presently has over 210 states represented.

Of class, as all things have, it changed over clip. For illustration, more regulations and hits were added ; the forearm base on balls wasn T introduced for over 50 old ages and it was the Filipinos who introduced the putting to death hit ( set and spike ) in 1916. The games in the United States were mostly limited to YMCA members, but that changed in 1928 when the United States Volleyball Association set up unfastened tourneies to all participants ( volleyball.org ) .

R / & gt ;

As farther cogent evidence of its widespread entreaty, the first World Championships of Volleyball were held in Prague, Czechoslovakia ( volleyball.org ) , the game was introduced into the Pan American games in 1955, and debuted in the Olympics in Tokyo in 1964. Beach volleyball became a medal-worthy athletics in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics ( Encarta ) . So, non merely is it merriment, but it s deserving winning a decoration for! What a universe we live in.

We all know the regulations: the squad that serves gets the point. If the ball hits the land or out on the mistake of the waiter, the other squad gets to function after revolving one topographic point clockwise. You can t hit the net with your organic structure and you can t hit the cyberspace on a service, but you can play off the cyberspace. However, the ball doesn Ts have to be served open-handed, you can spike with a closed fist, and the ball can be returned utilizing any portion of the organic structure:

By hitting the ball back and Forth over the net, with the custodies, forearms, caput, or any portion of the organic structure, drama is continued until one squad fails to maintain the ball in drama & # 8211 ; that is, in the air & # 8211 ; or until a regulation misdemeanor is committed. ( Encarta )

Volleyball has gained its popularity from its comparative easiness of drama, simple regulations, and enjoyment degree. One learns good hand-eye coordination, squad accomplishments, defensive/offensive manoeuvres, and on the physically good side, works the musculuss in the weaponries and legs, every bit good as the circulatory and respiratory systems.

More than 210 states are presently represented in the FIVB ( Encarta ) & # 8230 ; if that doesn t show that volleyball is one of the most popular athleticss of all clip, I don t know what will.


Volleyball, Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 2000. 1993-1999 Microsoft Corporation.

History/Rules of Volleyball, hypertext transfer protocol: //www.volleyball.org

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