Waking Up Early in the Morning Essay

I try to get up early in the morning. Or I keep sleeping all day. It is hard for me to get up in the morning. Moreover, I want to avoid the depraved life. There are two reasons why I get up early. First of all, getting up early makes us healthy. We have body rhythm, and the cycle of that is twenty five hours. By looking at sunshine, we can adjust the rhythm. However, it is easily disturbed. When we work until late at night, we can not wake up early. The rhythm gradually changes by continueing the life. Once it happens, it is hard to recorrect the cycle.

I heard news these days. A person who does not get up early can be unhealthy. There are several reasons, and I am going to write one of them. It is that some special cells easily absorb fat at night. In other words, night people eat very much. The study is not complete yet, but people feel by their experience that they get hungry at night. Getting fat causes some diseases. I do not want get fat, and want to be healthy. Next, I try to keep running every morning. Running is my hobby. I run five to ten kilometers.

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Waking Up Early in the Morning
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Although I can run at night, running in the morning is much better. I can refresh myself when I run through cold wind. It is September now, and is still hot even in the night. Temperatures do not decrease until late in the at night. Rather, temperatures in the morning are about 22 to 25 degrees. The condition for running is excellent in these temperatures. In these reasons, I get up early in the morning. I think it is natural for human beings. It helps our diet and makes us healthier. Furthermore, it is also good for runners. It gives benefits to us.

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