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What Do You Think Makes a Class Enjoyable?

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Both teaching ang learning has been a very enjoyable activity for teachers and students but sometimes the hours we spend on teaching and learning may turn into nightmare because of the boring course book, listening sessions and difficult topics. The teacher should make learning enjoyable and fun. This change will bring lots of benefit to the process of learning in a class. It will make students to get more knowledge from what is being taugh , start interaction in class room and having more interest in the subject matter.

Therefore, it is important for teachers to do all they can to help student have fun while learning in the class.

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What Do You Think Makes a Class Enjoyable?
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First of all, teachers must have energy to create the learning environment. If a teacher does not enjoy a subject , the students will not enjoy learning in that class either. The more positive energy a teacher has about a subject,the more enjoyable the class will be. For example,a teacher who dislikes math may have a lower energy level than the teacher who enjoy math, and assign more seat-work.

The more energy the teacher puts into planning and teaching, the more enjoyable the lessons will become, as students are getting out of their seats more. Additionally, if students are having fun with something, they learn about it in detail.

For example, when they are playing a computer game and having fun, they will remember how easily they remember all passcode and secrets of it. This applies to learning too. Hence, if learning is made fun, students will learn more and in detail. Thus, it will make student better, isn’t this what the teachers want from all their students. Moreover, learning environment with fun makes students interact, which in turn makes the process better. Student can interact more if the environment is fun, because with fun student can easily gain interest and student may feel at ease to ask questions and give answers.

Teacher must also enjoy the whole process and with it can give more to their students. Everyone agrees that if teacher enjoy their job then that is the best thing they can have. Finally, The fun in class can generate self interest in the students about the course. With self interest, student can learn more than what is being taught in the class. Hence, fun will make learning go beyond the class room. Since adding fun and enjoyment brings so many benefits to the process of learning and enhances it. Therefore I believe that teachers should make learning enjoyable and fun to ensure student will perform better on examination and future.

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