What I Learned in Literature Class

Literature is important in our lives as it not only entertains us but provides us many information that we may find useful in our daily lives, particularly those literary works that present compelling ideas. For me, my literature class made me confident to pursue my intended career in the future. After studying many literary works that had compelling ideas, I managed to comprehend the suggestions in those works and started to apply some of them in my everyday life.

An example of such is the one written above by Robert Frost. I believe it needs a thoughtful treatment in my part because I wanted to make a difference. Frost gave me an idea of how—that is by taking the road that is less traveled by. Aside from making me confident in pursuing my intended career in the future, I also learned a lot, specifically the skills and tools that are vital to my survival in my struggle to reach my goal.

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I have learned the most basic up to the most complex skills in my literature class.The most basic things I learned include applying principles of grammar and composition so that I can produce a clear, correct, and coherent prose given a purpose, occasion and audience, and also analyzing, interpreting and identifying elements of popular genres in literature, particularly short story, poetry, novel, and drama. The more complex things I learned were critical reading and analysis of a novel, analysis and interpretation of various forms of spoken communication, and communicate effectively and make use of oral communication in persuasion by appropriating the things to say depending on my purpose, occasion, and the audience.Most people, when they first hear the word literature, would normally associate it to old school stage plays popularized during Shakespeare’s and the great Victorian era.

What they do not know is that we continuously experience literature in our day-to-day living. Of course it is somewhat different. I am very grateful that we also studied in the class the use of modern technology, specifically computer technology, in researching, composing, revising and editing of profound literary works. I have learned a lot from this class.

From basic grammar rules and principles to working with the different genre in literature, I have developed the skills necessary for my future. In particular, I have become more confident in my writing and communication skills. Not to mention that I also learned how to do a research and use MLA citation format. We frequently meet two roads in life.

Before choosing one, we need to have a critical analysis of what is in either of the roads. I have become more confident in my decisions since I am now starting to look into things in a critical manner. Thanks to my literature class.

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