What Is Life All About?

Bored with the daily struggle over work and frustrated with the unending materialism of today’s earthly trends, it is good to know that there are people who get to reflect on the realities of their existence. They seek to disclose before their very eyes what truly makes them happy and contented. Yet, have you ever chanced upon a question about the real score of living?

In the middle of great need for sustenance and strife to meet the fast whirling standpoint of living, many people have become increasingly deterred to splurge into something which brings a state of well-being. Do these people, who seem not to take a breath amidst so much pressure in their work, get to conceive the essential ground of being real on that track?

People act in particular ways due to their own subjective experiences. They have the power to shape their own fates, to be whatever they wish to be. But they could never strive toward self-actualization when their fundamental motivation is to overthrow others who are at the peak of their success, for in the strictest sense of the word,; self-actualization is never governed by absurdities, neither by envy.

It has been said that the need for self-fulfillment is elusive; it is something that cannot be attained easily nor can be true to all people. With the different views for bliss and satisfaction which people have at the back of their heads, it is true that self-actualization has long been achieved by many people who are determined enough to carry out their own journeys even in the midst of trials and predicaments.

What makes sense about work is to learn the rationale that it is not about how splendid we do our job, but rather, it is on how we do it with pleasure and as a labor of love. Unerringly, happiness is found in the realm of genuine gratitude for the lives that we have been enjoying in this world. So true that we can only see the ultimate meaning of living when we appreciate why we live and work courageously not only for.

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