Life is Hard But Life Must Go On

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Life is so challenging! As quoted from the sayings of one of my favorite Poet Emily Dickinson, “Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich and a tragedy for the poor”. It Is so funny to think that in life we seem to encounter the so called cycle. From our day to days venture, we experience things different. We experience new practices, occurrences and new learning that somehow lead us on how we begin the new tomorrow.

My dear friends and colleagues at this moment of time, I want you to listen to me for a short while. I want you to listen In my speech on how I strives and gradually step forward towards my desired dream in life. I am already near to where I wanted to be! This is the message that I am very proud to utter in myself. But I know all of these things are still in the hands of the Lord. Who could It think that this person standing to all of you this evening, which become a small boy from yesterday and couldn’t speak properly, could now speak to you today like this?

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And who could it think that this person who become so pessimistic from his yesterdays dream would become persevere and a determiner person today? Nothing, except God! In life we can never Identify the future or the outcome process off person. Indeed! If there are still tomorrow that awaits us always, there will always be chances for us to push through what we’ve started! Way back when I was still in my childhood days, I could not immediately remove the tragedy in our life which happens in the midst of a happy family.

It was the time when my father had passed away. In behalf of my family, we could hardly realize and accept the fact that the life of our beloved father is over. Those things really changed the existence we had and accept the reality that we need to start for a new beginning. Despite of those things which were hard for us to accept what really happened, we still believed that life must go on. We survived from those sorrowful mysteries by believing In our self that there is still tomorrow that awaits us in a certain time and that there is always God in our side.

That’s how life plays around on us; we can never say when we should embark from this place and when we should face challenges. What really needs for us to be ready of Is the fact that any time from now we will depart from this world. Ladies and gentlemen, this is how I surpassed the most remarkable tragic experience in my life. I was not able to be defeated by my fear in my heart that though we do not have now the foundation in our family we were able to step forward in our dreams and goals. My mother who exerts all of her efforts and sacrifices Is our main Inspiration why soul fishing the hindrances and challenges we encounter.

Now, It as already 9 years had passed after the incidents happened and it seems that the pain is still in our hearts. My brother will be getting already his diploma on the month of March. And with pride In our heart, we are so thankful that we were able to prove that all things are possible If we believe. And hopefully by the next school year, I will be also getting the victor that I am waiting for almost 15 years. Be humble enough! And believe in yourself that you can do better. As long as we move, groove, always that there will be a certain time for everything. Good Evening!

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