What Justoce Means To Me

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To me, justice means defining what is right and what is wrong. In our everyday life, rules and laws govern our world. The purpose of these laws, are to enforce mandatory rules for acceptable behaviour where justice prevails and conflicts are avoided.

If justice doesn t succeed, it hurts society because the right decision hasn t been made. Offenders and set free and it s not guaranteed they won t commit the same crime again. Laws are made to be obeyed, and when they are broken, those individuals should suffer whatever the consequences may be. If crimes and unlawful acts go unpunished, that may encourage others to the same, or worse.

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But if justice is laid down, it would help deter some of these unlawful acts. In some areas of Toronto, drugs and prostitution take over the streets. This has a whole effect on the area, often occupied with gangs. If steps are taken to wipe out drug dealers and gangs in those areas, people wouldn t have to live in fright.

Justice means different rights to special people. For example, different rules and laws apply to senior citizens in some places. Minors aren t allowed to buy cigarettes or alcohol. These are just examples of fairness being applied to youth and seniors.

Justice means equality. Whites and blacks and men and women are treated as equals. These days, people experience job discrimination, which is against the law. In some cases, it s justified, but in all others, it s an injustice.

Justice also means security and protection. If justice is carried out, we are feel more secure, knowing that criminals are suffering for their unlawful actions. Whenever we hear or read of justice being served, we are relieved to see that society has dealt with the issue in the correct manner. With justice, comes a more civilized society.

Our community would be closer together and we would know how to deal with conflicts. For example, in Toronto, justice is usually successful. Strict laws are enforced and if broken, don t usually get out of hand. These days in many third world countries, they are faced with war.

The entire country is torn apart and many lives are lost. The few that remain, live in an uncivilized society, faced with fear. Justice means many things to me. Without justice, the world would be an all out war.

Justice keeps our world civilized and protects us from the wrongdoers. It encourages us to live by the rules and laws and fight for what is right.

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