Who Was the Better Leader, Louis Xiv or Peter the Great? Compare and Contrast

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Louis XIV and Peter the Great were two famous absolutist monarchs in Europe during the 17th century. Both rulers had similar approaches to managing their countries, with a focus on military and recreation, and building extravagant palaces to control the nobles. However, Louis XIV inherited his power from his father, while Peter the Great transformed Russia into a modern state through his own efforts. Louis XIV is considered to have been a more successful leader, as he created the grandest court in the history of France, made France a leading cultural and military power in Europe, and improved the lives of his people. In contrast, Peter the Great’s reforms came at a high human cost in Russia, and he was more involved in every aspect of Russians’ lives. Both monarchs were criticized for their control over government and the church. Overall, Louis XIV’s leadership is viewed as better than Peter the Great’s.

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Louis XIV and Peter the Great were two of the most famous absolutism monarchs in Europe. In my point of view Louis XIV did a better job as a leader. In the 17th century the Europe world entered the age of absolutism. After the religious wars, most European people put their attentions back from the wars and more focused on their own life. At that time, nobles and kings of European countries get more power in managing people. And monarchs’ power and rights reached to the top stage as they claimed to rule by divine will. Louis XIV and Peter the great became absolutism monarchs because of different reasons.

Louis XIV inherited absolutism from his father Louis XIII but not created absolutism, in another word Louis XIV was forced to become the monarch of France because of his blood. ?idea: Louis was born to be the lord? There had a lot of similarities between Louis XIV and Peter the Great when the?ruled their countries. As monarchs of France and Russia, both of Louis XIV and Peter the Great made their people economic suffered. They put most of their money in military and recreations. They had stood armies to defend countries against enemies.

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And Louis XIV and Peter the Great realized that nobles were threats of their throne and they paid a lot to build fabulous palaces to show off and for another reason, the continual parties which held in their palaces could make nobilities busy and as a result the monarchs could control the nobles in a peaceful and secretive way. They were both considered as ruthless monarchs. Luck was also a necessary condition for Louis XIV to become a successful leader. Why he did similar things as Peter the Great but always made them better in more efficient way. France had XX before Louis became the monarch

Both of these two absolutist rulers, Louis XIV and Peter the Great have transferred their countries into modern states but the human’s costs were too high in Russia. The previous kings of Russia were feared and hated the influences from other part of Europe and to Russia such as the Western Europe and Asian As monarchs who controlled over the governments and churches, Louis XIV and Peter the Great became the object of public denunciation. Peter the Great led Russia to its modern and powerful time, at the same time Louis XIV also made his people see the rise of a stronger France which under the rule of him.

They suffered their people but also bring them new life so that is hard to judge who is better, but as a leader, Louis XIV created the grandest court in history of France and made France became the leading cultural and military power of Europe. Peter the Great was successfully involved in every part of Russians’ life such as what people wore and read. Louis XIV made his country become much more powerful and respectful in the world stage so he was considered better than Peter the Great.

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