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Why College Students Should Keep a Monthly Budget

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Maintain grades, take enough hours in school, work certain amount of hours, etc. C. I chose a spot that was close to work and closed to school 1. That way I ever had transportation issues It wouldn’t affect my situation too much Ill. Why it is important to keep a monthly budget in college. A. It is helpful to get the most for those hard earned dollars and stretch them out as much as possible. 1. Many people who don’t keep budgets quickly find their money dwindling and not knowing exactly where it went.

(Sib) a. Main reason why you should create a budget B.

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Why College Students Should Keep a Monthly Budget
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You know exactly where all of your money is going. 1 . And if you have a couple dollars left over create that extra section for miscellaneous items like fast food, gas station items, and random events C. You don’t have to always keep stressing out over how much money you have and if you will have enough to pay rent.

D. You create some independence in your life and get a feel of what living alone will be like (Frost) ‘V. How to stick to your monthly budget. A. Do not spend your money on anything that is not on your budget sheet. 1. This is how money disappears B.

Understand the consequences of being short on the money you need. Eviction, bad credit score, car payments, etc. C. Realize you are a grown up now and no one is there to save you. V. What creating a monthly budget will do for your future A. You get more responsibilities B. You learn how to keep track of your money and know where it’s all going. C. If you make enough and budget well enough you CNN easily graduate with a degree and never have to worry about student loans. VI. My experience of having a monthly budget. A. First my mom forced me to sit down and make one.

B. We concluded I would make about $1 , 100 a month and I was going to have bout $1 , 102 for expenses. 1 . However, I planned on paying for a couple things that ended up being included with rent or Just happened to be free. (such as groceries, water, cable, laundry, and gas was about half since I lived so close) VI’. Conclusion A. I became much more responsible with my money. B. Definitely grew up and matured. C. Got a feel what the rest of life might be like. D. What came with this experience is also experimenting what an eviction process feels like.

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