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Why Do Students Cheat

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Students cheat because it is easier for them to get things done. They feel do not have all the time in the world between class and work. Some student feel cheating can help them get passed something in that class. It may help them for that test or homework but, they do not learn by doing that. Many students are cheating because other people around them are doing it and getting away with it. Students may feel by doing that they can get an easy “A” in their class.

If a person cheats they are really cheating themselves, because they are not learning. People may cheat because they are under pressure from others.

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Why Do Students Cheat
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A student may be under pressure from their family to do a good job in school. A person may get stressed out and feel it is easier to cheat than do the hard work that is needed. A student may get stressed if they cannot do the exams as well as they hoped.

Also when a student does not study for a test they may cheat to pass. Being afraid of failure is the most important reason for some students to cheat in exams. The person may feel it is easier to cheat because it is easier to get things done that way. Students may have more than one thing to do so they feel by cheating it helps get work done faster.

Some students cheat on test because they didn’t study or are scared that they might fail. Some students think that if they fail the exams, they will have a lot of the following problems. For example, their parents will complain about bad grades, their friends will look down and laugh at them. Cheating can get that person a passing grade, but they still do not learn anything. Even though that person may have cheated to pass they are going to keep cheating in order to stay ahead. If they cheat that student feels they don’t have to go back and learn because they were successful in passing the test.

People may cheat on drug test if they are trying to hide something. They may cheat to get hired in their job also. If they want to get promoted in their job they may cheat to make it seem they have been doing work. Some people feel they need to cheat because times are hard and they need more money to live. By cheating a person does not help themselves just harm them self. Cheating can lead to many different things. For example, expulsion from school, lost of a job, and reputations can be ruined. Therefore there are many reasons why a student may cheat. The work may be too much for them to handle. Jordan Chamberlain

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