Why Honors English is a Good Match for Me as a Student and Avid Reader

I am confident honors is more suitable for me than the regular English class is. Alongside being well-suited for the class, there are also several reasons I want to be in the honors class.

First off, the reason I am well suited for the honors class is that I pick things up quickly. Plus, I enjoy taking on challenges. I know that honors English will challenge me more than the regular English class would. Usually, when I get challenges, I can learn something from the challenge. So since honors English is more challenging than the regular English class, I will learn more from honors than I would if I were in a non-honors class.

Second of all, another reason I am well suited for the honors class is that I complete my work fast. Though I work fast, I also do my best to be a diligent worker. Since I work quickly, I will be able to keep up with the class pace. I’ll usually be turning in my work on time and be providing the best work that I can.

I wanted to be in the honors class because I would like to improve my reading and writing skills! For as long as I can remember, I have always been an avid reader and often I write my own stories. I wouldn’t be the reader and writer that I am today without the past English classes I’ve taken. I want to learn to be a more observant reader and make better predictions for my independent reading books. I would also like to improve my essay writing because I often struggle to write the introductions and conclusions for essays. With the pace of the honors class, I am confident I will grow my reading and writing skills this school year.

In conclusion, I am well suited for honors since I both learn and work fast and diligently. I have the desire to learn more at a pace well suited for me, and honors will set a great pace for me. I am looking forward to being in honors English this year!

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