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To understand why many women her age were discontent despite material comfort and family The mainstream media did not acknowledge that women n the asses had any reason to be unhappy, unless they had ambitions outside the home Friedman surveyed many young wives and mothers and wrote The Feminine Mystique, which helped bring attention to the issue of women’s lack of opportunity and rights Women Greater opportunities and equal treatment in society Society was largely male-dominated and the stereotype that women could only menial tasks still prevailed As a collective, women began pursue more artistic endeavors and show that women could be more than housewives Native Americans Greater treatment and to get out of poverty. The government passed harsh laws in the asses that resulted in extreme poverty for Native Americans.

Many Native Americans organized more violent or extremist movements. Eventually, these movements caught the attention of the government. Hispanic Americans Better treatment and to end discrimination against them They were treated like second-class citizens and lacked collective bargaining to make gains as a united group. These workers formed unions led by people Cesar Cave that led to major trades for the rights of workers that were Hispanic Part 1 – Complete the following chart using information from the lesson. One example appears for you. SWABS Chart Part 2 – Answer the following questions in a complete paragraph of your own words. What advances did the Women’s Rights Movement make in the asses and asses?

How was the movement similar to those of the Mexican Americans and Native Americans? Women’s Rights Movements were able to get more collective bargaining ability. This movement also changed the perception of women. They were seen more by men as peers rather than inferiors, and it also created a better infrastructure for women who were victims of sexual assault and other traumas. It was similar to the Native Americans and Mexican Americans in the respect that it resulted in change that helped garner more respect. The Mexican Americans and Native Americans made significant strides not only legislatively, but they also changed the perception of their respective groups in the eyes of many Americans.

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