Why I Am a Good Fit for the RIT and SUNY Upstate Accelerated Scholars Program

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At the age of twelve, I had a surgical procedure which made me understand the significance doctors hold in my life. Although I was aware that the surgery would be painful, I was unprepared for the difficulties that came with the recovery period. The doctors provided continuous support, aiding me with essential tasks such as eating, drinking, and even walking. This experience enabled me to comprehend the agony patients endure and fostered a profound gratitude for the influence physicians possess.

My objective as a doctor is to provide healing and assistance to individuals, helping them overcome obstacles and achieve greater things. I want to see my patients make progress, surpass their previous limitations, and reach new heights. Being a doctor means not only enhancing lives but also preserving them. This incredible opportunity requires both expertise and empathy. My passion for science, mathematics, and serving others has strengthened my calling as a doctor.

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I shadowed Dr. Babu Kumar for 150 hours at Family and Internal Medicine of Dixwell Avenue, where I observed how a family physician provides patient care and manages a medical facility. I also had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Renu Bazaz-Kapoor for 4 hours at CareMEDICA. This experience allowed me to observe how a DO physician treats patients and gain a deeper understanding of the differences between MD and DO. Additionally, I worked as a Medical Assistant Auxiliary at Family and Internal Medicine of Dixwell Avenue for 150 hours. In this role, I organized patients’ medical records into an online database and assisted medical assistants with their daily tasks.

In the rural farms of Connecticut, I dedicated 23 hours of my summer to volunteering at the Area Health Education Center (AHEC). This center plays a crucial role in providing free healthcare to migrant farmers. Being a high school volunteer, my tasks included registering farmers, taking their blood pressure and sugar measurements, and observing the work of a medical student and a doctor.

Shadowing Dr. Babu Kumar and Dr. Renu Bazaz-Kapoor offered me an invaluable opportunity to gain firsthand experience in the field of medicine. This experience allowed me to truly understand and appreciate the daily responsibilities of a doctor. Through shadowing, I witnessed the profound impact that doctors have on their patients’ lives and the wider community. Additionally, I gained a deeper understanding of the challenges and hard work required to handle such significant levels of responsibility. Shadowing dispelled any preconceived notions or hearsay about what it means to be a doctor, and instead provided a realistic depiction of the profession.

While volunteering for AHEC, I came to understand how the farmers directed me in discovering my true passion. The tales they shared showed me the profound influence medicine had on the community. Witnessing the lack of access to healthcare among people made me contemplate my own calling to aid others and contribute to societal changes. Witnessing how doctors were able to positively transform the lives of these farmers motivated me to aspire towards making a difference in the lives of others.

During my time as a Yale New Haven Hospital Youth Volunteer, I accumulated a total of 211 hours. This experience allowed me to develop my leadership skills and work towards becoming a Youth Leader for fellow volunteers. As a youth leader, my responsibilities included assisting the Yale Volunteer Staff, training new volunteers, and organizing various activities for the hospital. Within the hospital, I served as a Pediatric Short Term Surgery Volunteer, providing care to hospitalized children in this unit. Additionally, I also volunteered in the Nurse Aid unit and Lab unit, as well as serving as an ambassador.

During my senior year summer, I volunteered for Habitat for Humanity in Delaware, where we helped build houses for those who could not afford houses in New Castle County. This school mission trip took place for a week in June 2018.

In my sophomore year summer, I dedicated 27 hours to volunteering in Sacred Heart Manor, providing assistance to retired sisters. Additionally, I served as a Hospital of Central Connecticut volunteer for 38 hours, acting as an ambassador and directing patients to their desired locations.

At Mary Our Queen, my local church, I serve as an altar server and lector. I am able to assist and participate in the weekly mass by serving or lectoring.

Returning to the hospital, where I had previously undergone surgery five years ago, I returned as a volunteer this time. My role involved assisting children in the short-term surgery section. In this capacity, I witnessed the doctors’ genuine happiness as they tended to the children, providing comfort during their moments of distress, and celebrating their eventual discharge. Witnessing the doctors’ sense of fulfillment motivated me to adopt a similar approach in my own life, where I can experience the transformation of a patient’s agony and hardship into happiness and gratitude.

In addition, witnessing the less fortunate served as a catalyst for me to understand the profound impact of engaging in acts of service or community work. Despite performing manual labor with sod and a shovel in Habitat for Humanity instead of using medical instruments like a stethoscope and scalpel, the experience illuminated the transformative power of diligent effort, whether in physical or intellectual realms, in shaping the human condition.

The interpersonal competency that defines me is service orientation. Despite my limitations, I continue to strive to assist others. When I volunteered for the AHEC clinics or Habitat for Humanity, it opened my eyes to a world beyond my safe home and school. This experience fueled my desire to make a difference. The powerful impact I witnessed in these places stayed with me, even at just sixteen years old. I aspired to create a meaningful impact on my community, so I approached the director and founder of the AHEC clinics. I asked him to guide me in initiating free volunteer-based clinics in urban areas, similar to the ones the doctor had successfully started.

Both rural and urban populations face healthcare challenges. Rural populations need access to healthcare, while the urban population, who cannot afford it, struggle to obtain essential medical services. Regrettably, due to my limited understanding of the numerous laws and regulations involved, the doctor informed me that I was too young to undertake this endeavor. However, the doctor not only helped me comprehend these matters but also encouraged me to maintain my determination and passion.

One of my greatest strengths is my ability to improve myself. I discovered a strong passion for mathematics during high school, even though it wasn’t popular. In my junior year, I joined the math team Moody and took part in the challenging Moody Mega Math Challenge. This competition demanded that we solve a complex real-life problem using mathematical equations within a strict timeframe of only 14 hours.

Our team put in a lot of effort to prepare for the challenge so that we could secure a good position in the competition. Instead of enjoying our Fridays, I dedicated those days to solving math problems. When March arrived, it was finally time for the challenge, which meant I would be working non-stop for 14 hours. As we brainstormed for a solution, our team encountered difficulties in creating the equation. Eventually, time ran out and we anxiously awaited our results to see if we had made it through. Unfortunately, we did not succeed, but this setback did not deter us from pushing ourselves even harder next year.

I joined the Moody team during my senior year and had to reapply. However, I was determined to exert more effort and embrace the challenge. We diligently prepared, learning from our mistakes and seeking ways to improve. Despite facing weather challenges on the day of the competition, we persisted and worked tirelessly for 14 hours. Throughout this time, our focus revolved around formulating mathematical equations for practical problems and carefully analyzing them. When the results were announced, we were elated to discover that we secured a place in the top 20%! This accomplishment made us realize how our commitment and sagacity empowered us to work harder and smarter.

Despite three years of being pain-free after surgery, I suddenly experienced a severe pain in my stomach. Initially, I attempted to disregard it but eventually, the intensity became unbearable and compelled me to visit the restroom. It was there that I realized I had developed digestive problems and acid reflux. Throughout the next year, I encountered numerous unexplained allergy attacks which hindered my ability to actively participate in community activities.

Previously, I used to be the girl who brought joy to others by smiling in the hallways. However, behind closed doors, I would sometimes find myself crying in the bathroom due to concerns about not having enough food. Although it would have been easier to ignore my problems, I made a conscious decision to wear a smile every day. My goal was to let others know that they were not alone in their pain. Through these challenging experiences, I gained a newfound appreciation for my good health which I had previously taken for granted.

Life doesn’t come with guarantees, especially when it comes to life itself. Recognizing this reality made me stronger and more determined than ever before. Instead of allowing my limitations and struggles define me, I chose to use them as fuel for personal growth and improvement. It became clear that I only have one life and it is my unwavering commitment to make the most out of it.

By continuing my studies at SUNY Upstate College of Medicine, I will not only enhance my knowledge in the field of medicine but also embody important qualities such as selflessness, charm, and accountability. The institution’s vision statement clearly states its dedication to creating a healthier world through empathy, honesty, inclusivity, and diversity. Additionally, SUNY Upstate conducts groundbreaking research on prevalent illnesses like cancer and diabetes, offering students the chance to deepen their understanding and gain practical experience. Furthermore, SUNY Upstate is associated with multiple hospitals within the Upstate University Health System, providing students with invaluable hands-on medical training opportunities. With esteemed professors and a diverse curriculum available here for me; I am confident that I can excel in this exceptional medical school.

By utilizing the Dual Admittance Program and all available resources and opportunities, I aim to intellectually challenge myself. At RIT, students have the chance to not only learn through lectures but also apply their knowledge in hands-on learning experiences. The university provides small class sizes, committed professors, advanced labs, and equipment that effectively equip RIT students for successful healthcare careers. Moreover, being surrounded by individuals who share similar interests allows me to thrive as we exchange knowledge and pursue our passions together.

As an undergraduate student, I aspire to dedicate my time to delve into the captivating realm of medicine. By focusing on subjects that truly captivate me, I can allocate more time to broaden my understanding in this field. This program will aid me in maintaining the academic rigor expected at RIT. I yearn to progress in a college and medical school that support the pursuit of my passions and facilitate personal growth. Undoubtedly, this program presents an extraordinary opportunity for such endeavors.

Every individual is unique because of their distinct experiences, including their personal reliance on medication. These experiences shape each person’s journey and make it one-of-a-kind. Personally, my dependence on medication has significantly influenced my decision to pursue a career in medicine. It has allowed me to see things from both the perspective of a doctor and a patient. It was like looking through a two-way glass that provided insights from my past experiences as a patient and my current experiences as a volunteer. Being a patient helped me understand the hospital environment from the viewpoint of someone in need, while being a volunteer gave me valuable insight into the hospital as someone ready to provide assistance.

Working with underrepresented people, like migrant farmers, provided me with knowledge about diverse cultures and also opened my eyes to the harsh realities of poverty and inadequate healthcare. However, this experience taught me invaluable lessons that cannot be learned in a classroom and emphasized the true importance of life.

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