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When selecting a college to continue my education, I have thoroughly evaluated Suny Empire State College for multiple reasons. Firstly, I value the diverse study opportunities they offer, such as studying with a mentor and the convenience of online learning. Additionally, Suny Empire provides substantially more affordable tuition rates in comparison to numerous other colleges. This is especially significant to me as I aim to achieve a Bachelor of Science degree in Community and Human Services from Suny Empire. Considering my prior experience in the Human Services field, I firmly believe that this program harmonizes flawlessly with my academic and career objectives.

After earning my Associates Degree at Cayuga Community College, I feel that I have acquired a significant amount of knowledge and am prepared for further educational pursuits. One notable aspect of a Suny Empire State College degree is its distinctiveness in comparison to other programs. Suny Empire provides an array of study options that are extremely attractive. Personally, I appreciate the opportunity to engage in personalized sessions with an instructor. This chance for individualized attention and assistance is truly beneficial.

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In other college degree programs, students may find it challenging to receive the additional support they need due to large class sizes. However, at Suny Empire, students can benefit from smaller class sizes and individualized attention. Additionally, compared to private colleges, Suny Empire offers lower tuition rates which is a wise choice given the current state of the economy and increasing cost of living. Moreover, I value the convenience of studying at Cayuga Community College as it allows me to manage my workload while staying close to home.

At Suny Empire, the Community and Human Services program is a perfect choice for me because I have always wanted to work in a field where I can directly interact with people. Helping others brings me happiness, and my objective is to make a positive difference in their lives by obtaining a position in the Human Services sector, specifically in social work or Substance Abuse Counseling. Through this profession, I can have meaningful conversations with individuals and support them in recognizing their difficulties while helping them find solutions.

When choosing a profession, it is important to consider factors beyond earning potential. Finding a job that brings fulfillment and offers a comfortable salary is crucial. Suny Empire is an ideal choice for me because it aligns with my experience in the field I want to pursue. Currently, I work at Mercy Health and Rehabilitation Center in the Human Services sector, specifically focusing on elderly care. This role has given me valuable hands-on experience over the past four years. Additionally, my studies at Cayuga Community College have prepared me for Suny Empire. My previous degree in Liberal Arts/Humanities with a concentration in Psychology has provided me with diverse knowledge, including the subject I plan to continue studying at Suny Empire.

In comparison to other college degree programs, Suny Empire State College provides a much broader range of opportunities. When it comes to tuition, Suny Empire’s rates are unmatched, especially when compared to the exorbitant fees imposed by private colleges. Even with financial aid, private colleges fail to adequately cover educational expenses, creating significant challenges for students. However, Suny Empire distinguishes itself by offering flexible study options, including one-on-one studying, which is not commonly found in other institutions. Why miss out on this extra assistance? Among the many exceptional options Suny Empire offers, the Community and Human Services degree program aligns perfectly with my lifestyle. With my prior Human Services experience and education, earning a Suny Empire State degree would allow me to pursue a career in Social Work or Substance Abuse Counseling.

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