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Nursing Opportunities: What to Choose

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    In the today’s world of nursing, there are a tremendous amount of jobs that can be found. Nurses are considered to be in demand right now and have plenty of opportunities (‘Nursing School: Key to One of the Fastest-Growing Professions,’ 2018). The list could go on and on with all the endless opportunities that nursing will offer. Throughout the many opportunities, it is still all about the wellness and caring for you patients that come through your position.

    The nursing profession is in high demand for all specialty that are available. The type of nursing opportunities there are psychiatric mental health nurse, school nurse, nurse case manager, cruise ship nurse, parish nurse, army nurse, oncology nurse, traveling nurse, and forensic nurse (2018 |, n.d).This is just a very short list of the opportunities, these will be a few of the ones that I describe the career path of.

    The first opportunity is psychiatric mental health nurse is to work with a patient to assess their mental health needs. A day in the life of a psychiatric nurse consist of a diagnosis and a care plan of what to do and how to put it in effect. This would be an interesting to job to learn about all the mental health issues that could happen and rewarding to help a patient overcome it.

    The second one is a school nurse. I am mentioning this one because it is a career that is involved outside of a hospital or medical center. When a student is sick, or hurt, this is when they go to see the school nurse for help. It is a good career choice when you want to be involved with kids and helping them throughout their life in school.

    A nurse care manager is the next opportunity in today’s nursing world. A nurse case manager is a registered nurse who develops and implement patient care plans. They also meet the needs of patients while in care, so it seems to be a basic nurse job that gets to experience helping others and doing the daily tasks of a nurse.

    The next one I thought was interesting and would be great to experience: a cruise ship nurse. They are the first responders on handling all emergency situations at sea while on the ship. Any passengers on the ship are able to see the medical staff. They keep them on call for any situation that could occur later in the night and overnight.

    A parish nurse is a unique opportunity for someone that believes in Christ. It revolves around the practice of nursing with religion and helping a patient by the use of encouraging physical and spiritual health with faith. It involves the body, mind and spirit and I think that is special to do as a nurse. Although it can cause conflict due to others not believing in what you believe.

    An Army nurse has options within their own job; you can work in an on-base clinic and provide care there. The other option is to work in combat and provide medical attention to soldiers wounded in the battle. It would an intense experience and would involve remaining strong while taking care of the wounded.

    An oncology nurse provides care for care patients, providing them the medication and chemotherapy. This would be a special job to do; taking care of patient that could die or ones that could fight it and overcome this battle. It would be amazing to see a patient overcome such a challenge, or so heartbreaking to watch someone you’ve been taking care of die.

    Doing the job of a traveling nurse would be an extraordinary opportunity to do. Getting to travel while being able to take care of patients. Knowing you are doing good while getting to experience what others do not get to experience every day. It would be enjoyable and fun to do a job like this.

    The last one I want to talk about is a forensic nurse. This type of helps with investigating crimes like sexual and physical assault or an accidental death. They can also provide the emotional support to the people who were traumatized. This type of job would be interesting to try because you get to see the criminal side of what happens also.

    These careers are just a little view of what kinds of opportunities there are out there for nurses. There are 100’s more choices for somebody to decide on what they want to do as a nurse. It is a hard decision to find out the right path you want in nursing, but I believe the more experience you get around a certain specialized area will help you decide on what type of nursing job you would like to do.

    After looking at all the opportunities and talking about a few, I have discovered that a nurse can do anything. They can go from working on a cruise ship to oncology in a hospital; two totally different jobs but doing the same extraordinary things in this world that will change lives and fulfill your own heart by helping others.


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