Why I Think My Choice of Study Will Benefit My Country?

My nature of study has already started to benefit my community and country. As a student while doing this degree it has change the way I think and deal with people. As a member of the he Trinidad and Tobago Police Service this area of study has been assisting me with how I deal with people of different cultures and changing environments, it has taught me a lot about motivational factors to the learning process to which I see the need to share my learning experience with my fellow colleagues in the workplace.

As you know my line of job is one of high public scrutiny to which many believe we are not educated enough to deal with the public at large, however I seek to change such belief and presumptions per say by being and exemplar to my peers and using what I have been taught to embody and polish my professional career in helping to protect the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago in the most possible humane way, and try to disabled the stigma attached to “police officers”.

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Being proud of who I am and where I came from which is Trinidad and Tobago , I think I can continue to make a sterling contribution to my community and my country by being a role model to children,schools,villages to say the least my fellow peers. As a mother I expect that by way of study this will also help me with better parenting methods and equip me to present to society model citizens that can also lead by example and produce future aspirations of their own towards the country.

Management studies is not just about getting a degree for me it’s about self empowerment equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to stand up to challenges on the job, at the home, and the public at large. My contribution to my country has already started when I leave my home every day to attend my job to protect and serve my blessed nation with pride. As we struggle to combat crime and the drug trade in Trinidad and Tobago I hope to be a voice to youths by teaching them there is a way to a Page 1

Better life through education, hoping to be the voice of change and help to make more successful individuals out of the poverty stricken communities in my country. Support systems for me are key factors to change and societal economic growth, I know what it’s like, for some of our Countries young men and women I hope by my experience and my education I can help to make a positive contribution to youths, businesses, and the workplace. My area of study covers a variety of courses that has the power to assist my country in many proactive ways and that’s why I think my choice of study will benefit my country.

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